DICE, Frostbite Engine team get behind GPUOpen

DICE now on board with AMD GPUOpen initiative, good things to come for gamers.

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DICE and the Frostbite Engine team are putting their weight behind AMD's GPUOpen initiative, as you can see from the tweet and video below.

In the video, DICE rendering engineer Arne Schober touts the level of hardware access GPUOpen offers programmers like himself, while also praising the friendly, powerful ecosystem it encourages.

"It is really nice to have physical access to the source code and be able to handcraft the tools to our own needs," he says, later adding, "By opening up the source, we can help each other across the entire industry, solving problems together instead of individually. This would improve our effectiveness and lower development costs at the same time by sharing our knowledge."

DICE, Frostbite Engine team get behind GPUOpen 2

The Frostbite Engine is by far one of the most respected and advanced in the industry, and the team behind it is perhaps the largest in gaming, so to have DICE put their weight behind GPUOpen means great things are to come for developers and gamers everywhere.

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