PayPal fires its strategy director for posting insults via Twitter

Rakesh 'Rocky' Agrawal learnt that making insults about his fellow co-workers via Twitter will cost his job.

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PayPal management fired its strategy director, Rakesh Agrawal, for making series of inappropriate tweets about his fellow co-workers. It all started when 'Rocky' Agrawal started making such tweets at around 1 am during a Jazz fest in New Orleans.

PayPal fires its strategy director for posting insults via Twitter 1

The news source points out that he referred PayPal's vice president of global communications, Christina Smedley as a 'useless middle manager' and a 'piece of shit'. The following tweets by him indicates that he may have been drunk. He then says via Twitter that 'People who should be fired from PayPal Don Christmas a pool a kick'.

Though Rakesh did delete those tweets, those messages were still up long enough for a lot of people to notice. On Saturday, PayPal tweets that it fired Rakesh Agrawal as they have zero tolerance for such behaviour.

PayPal fires its strategy director for posting insults via Twitter 2

Rakesh later claimed via twitter that was using a new phone. He also added that it wasn't a good idea to use his new phone while working 20 hours a day while being on vacation. Whether its a genuine reason or a poor excuse? Who knows. But the damage was done, and this affected Rakesh as such tweets was the reason why he lost his less-than-two months old job.


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