Hilarious Vladimir Putin .GIF goes viral

A .gif of Russian president Vladimir Putin reacting with disgust to another man kissing his hand is hitting viral proportions.

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In August of 2012, Vladimir Putin paid a visit to a 14th century monastery where he engaged in a meet and greet with members of the church. All seemed well until a Russian Orthodox priest attempted to greet Putin with a kiss on the hand, which Putin promptly rejected in disgust. Recently, someone has created a .gif of the incident, and it is hitting viral proportions on popular sites like Reddit, Imgur, and 9GAG.

Hilarious Vladimir Putin .GIF goes viral | TweakTown.com

As tensions in Asia heat up, all eyes have been on Putin, and the internet has been having a field day. Images much like this one have surfaced all over, depicting Putin in the manliest of ways, and often presenting him shirtless in a side-by-side comparison with president Obama. Unsurprisingly, these images often hit viral proportions.

Even before Putin invaded Crimea, the internet seemed obsessed with the idea of a president who wore camouflage pant, rode horses and motorcycles shirtless, shot semi-automatic weapons, and went around touting his buff body. Last year, the most popular images of Vladimir Putin featured him taking down Chuck Norris in a judo tournament, and riding the back of a grizzly bear.

What are some of your favorite gag images of Russian president Vladimir Putin? Let us know in the comment section below.

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