Hewlett-Packard wants companies to team up in security battle

HP wants other companies to step up and begin collaborating together to enhance security efforts.

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Hewlett-Packard wants to push the boundaries of cyber threat collaboration, hoping to bring organizations together in an effort to share threat intelligence.

Hewlett-Packard wants companies to team up in security battle | TweakTown.com

In 2013 alone, companies across the world spent an estimated $46 billion to counter cyberthreats - but the number of attacks actually increased 20 percent - and HP hopes to reduce the number of attacks.

"Collaboration is fueling unprecedented innovation in the criminal marketplace, enabling the ecosystem of adversaries to stay ahead of our defenses," said Art Gilliland, HP Enterprise Security Products SVP, in a press statement. "Crow-sourced threat intelligence from our vast community of customers, partners and researchers is essential in this battle against cyercrime; we need to stop chasing silver bullet technologies and start sharing actionable intelligence through our solutions, expertise and best practices if we are going to compete and win."

The HP Threat Central offers a next-generation security intelligence platform so members are able to share their own threat data and analysis with other security experts.

Companies often rely on proprietary solutions - to help sell to consumers and business users - but have a greater understanding that cyber threats are evolving at a rapid pace. Instead of being a single hacker, cybercrime groups are increasingly organized and sophisticated, often working together to compromise information.

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