GIGABYTE unveils new FORCE K7 Stealth gaming keyboard

Introducing the new FORCE K7 gaming keyboard from GIGABYTE.

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This morning, GIGABYTE announced the arrival of a new addition to its gaming keyboard lineup. The FORCE K7 Stealth Gaming Keyboard is touted as having the embodiment of a Stealth fighter with its scissor-key structure and slim solid body. The keyboard features an extremely short actuation distance for accurate and stable key presses in addition to a switchable three-color backlighting system.

GIGABYTE unveils new FORCE K7 Stealth gaming keyboard |

The new gaming keyboard also features anti-ghosting capabilities that surround the WASD cluster that guarantees that the general gaming combination keys are registered and executed without conflict. Just like other models in the line, the keyboard features a twin wheel design that offers prompt control of keyboard backlighting and volume levels during intense gaming sessions.

Below is a quote from GIGABYTE on the features of the new FORCE K7 Stealth Gaming Keyboard:

Scissor-key structure comfort gamers with the best tactile feedback:

Built with slim scissor-key structure, FORCE K7 ensures extreme short actuation distance and stable key presses. Ultra-slim keycaps also minimize the typing effort in keyboarding.

Anti-ghosting capability around WASD Cluster:

Anti-ghosting capability around the WASD cluster on FORCE K7 guarantees the general gaming combination keys are registered and executed without conflict. Never have to worry about the missing signal failure during you press multiple keys simultaneously for the gaming commands. FORCE K7 supports up to 7 simultaneous key-presses without conflict including Q, W, A, S, D, left shift and space.

3-color backlight illumination & dynamic volume and backlit controller:

Lighting up in the darkness, FORCE K7 offers 3 switchable illumination color options, blue, green and cyan. Furthermore, gamers can stepless adjust the backlit to find the optimum brightness level based on your background conditions. FORCE K7 features with intuitive wheel based volume and backlit illumination controller for easy hassle-free adjustments during intense gaming sessions.

Windows lock functionality & hot-link function keys:

The Win-lock key with independent indicator allows you to disable the Windows key and prevent accidental activation of the Windows Start function during gaming session. Gamers will never be worried about throwing your game by hitting the wrong keys. The convenient function keys, F1 to F12, offer you a quick and easy access to the most common functions and social networking sites

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