Tomb Raider updated to fix issues with NVIDIA GPUs

Tomb Raider updated, should fix various issues experienced by gamers.

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Steam posted an announcement that Tomb Raider has been updated. While the update should be automatically applied when the game is next started, you may have to restart the Steam client. This update brings with it fixes for some of the problems that were discovered shortly before launch and immediately after.

Tomb Raider updated to fix issues with NVIDIA GPUs |

This means that users with NVIDIA cards should have fewer issues relating to the game. NVIDIA was forced to make a statement last week after many users experienced less-than-optimal gameplay. The update includes the following fixes:

- Addressed some stability and startup issues on machines that have both Intel and NVIDIA graphics hardware.

- Fix for players being unable to progress related to the boat in the beach area.

- Some fixes for crashes on startup and when selecting Options.

- Some small improvements to TressFX hair rendering.

- Fixes for various graphics glitches, including certain effects not being visible in fullscreen mode.

- Fixed a problem that caused some users to not be able to use exclusive fullscreen.

- Added support for separate mouse/gamepad inversion for aiming, as well as support for x-axis inversion.

- Fixes related to the benchmark scene and benchmark mode.

- Various other small fixes.

In interesting move, a "beta" version has been released on steam that carries the build number 716.5. The developers do believe that this update will be a marked improvement for everyone, though the fact of the "beta" version makes me think there could be some other issues. If you decide to play the "beta" version, you'll only be able to play multiplayer with other users on the same version.

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