Augmented Reality Event To Be Navigated By metaio & junaio

Indoor navigation made possible by metaio at this year's ARE.

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Munich / San Francisco-based augmented reality solutions firm metaio have developed a nifty feature for attendees of this year's Augmented Reality Event
in Santa Clara, CA, May 17-18. Using their mobile augmented reality browser junaio to navigate the entire conference.

Augmented Reality Event To Be Navigated By metaio & junaio |

Attendees can download the junaio browser on their Android or iPhone and launch the experience from specifically and strategically placed Latitude, Longitude and Altitude (LLA) markers that will synchronize the indoor AR experience. Generally, AR navigation depends on GPS and geo-locational data to function, but GPS isn't yet precise enough to facilitate indoor navigation (things are just too close together). Metaio's technology however allows for a fairly seamless indoor directions and information (pending that you launch the application correctly).

The junaio "channel" will be providing up-to-date information regarding the various sessions and speakers, as well as giving remote information about sponsors and organizations on the expo floor. Isn't AR neat?

If any of you are in the California area in the next two weeks, ARE2011 is a can't miss opportunity to learn more about the technology amd hear some excellent speeches by people like Bruce Sterling, Vernor Vinge (author of Rainbow's End), Will Wright (creator of The Sims), and Jaron Lanier (coined the term "virtual reality"), and, well, me. That's right, I'll be talking about the hyperlocality of mobile AR, and why it's important.

Come check it out- send me an email and I'll give you a special discount code. Promise.

We are excited to be the mobile navigation sponsor for one of the largest Augmented Reality conferences in the country, ARE 2011. The event will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center on May 17th and May 18th. This year we have developed a mobile conference guide for attendees to navigate throughout the conference. Attendees will be prompted by strategically placed LLA markers (latitude, longitude, altitude marker) to download junaio, then point, click and view information on locations of sponsors and exhibitors on the showcase floor. Also details of speaker rooms and sessions will be featured as well. junaio is the first augmented reality platform to overcome the accuracy limitations of GPS navigation, offering pinpoint indoor navigation services. By combining GPS and compass-based geo-information with the so-called LLA-marker-technology, users can experience Augmented Reality inside buildings.

ARE 2011 is considered the hub for the latest innovations and visions for the future of Augmented Reality technology. The event is backed by leading global Augmented Reality companies (members of the AR Consortium) and the ISMAR committee, and is sponsored by top tech companies. Start-ups, developers, mobile and hardware companies along with organizations within entertainment, media, education, healthcare, and more, will gather to evolve this bleeding edge technology sector into a productive, sustainable and entertaining new medium.

Not only will metaio act as the mobile sponsor this year but several of our valued employees will lead thought provoking panel sessions! If you would like to hear from metaio experts at Augmented Reality Event 2011 then look out for the following breakout sessions:

Tuesday May 17th

10:00-11:00 am

CEO, Thomas Alt - History, present and future of AR technology - 15 Years of Augmented Reality: From Utility to Hype and Back Again.

11:30-12:30 am

Director of R&D Ben Blachnitzky- will discuss Developing Junaio the social AR browser

Thursday, May 18th


Business Development Manager, Brendan Scully- will talk about AR Feng Shui!

Also please make sure to stop by our booth to see some cool demo's and chat with us about how we make the digital a natural experience.

We cant wait to see you there!

For more information about ARE 2011 and a complete list of speakers please visit:

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