GameStop Launches Digital Facebook Store

GameStop goes "e" with digital Facebook store.

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GameStop Launches Digital Facebook Store |

This morning, GameStop launched a massive digital retail store on their Facebook Fan Page. The store was developed by Adgregate Markets, a Sausalito, CA based startup that has already designed and built around 50 other digital Facebook stores. This seems like a natural move for Gamestop as they already have around 1.8 million likes on their fan page. Facebook stores utilize an already-present consumer market, as those same fans will receive promotions and marketing incentives on their respective Facebook Newsfeeds. Selling merchandise on Facebook also allows users to do things like "like" and Share products on other people's Facebook walls, as well as gift products for Facebook friends.

According to Venturebeat, Gamestop hopes that the arrival of the Facebook store will generate revenue somewhere around $1.5 billion, more than 10% of their total sales. With almost 7,000 stores, it's clear that the video game retailer has no intention of going completely digital, but with online stores and video game digital renting services becoming more and more prevalent, GameStop now has a hand in digital revenues.

Adgregate, founded in 2009, offers "the only secure" social retailing system, utilizing services like McAfee to protect email and credit card information. With GameStop, Adgregate's system also connects with GameStop's to ensure accurate inventory descriptions to coordinate localized physical purchases. As of the writing of this article, GameStop is now #115 on the top 500 Internet Retail list.
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