Quake II ported to HTML5 specification

Google engineers give a taste of its capabilities.

| Apr 5, 2010 at 8:34 am CDT
Whilst many people gave a sour face to Apple's decision to exclude Flash from the HTML5 supporting iPad, some HTML5 experts who work for Google have given a terrific demonstration of what HTML5 is capable of.

They've managed to do a HTML5 port of iD Software's Quake II engine and while Quake Live based on the id Tech 3 engine may seem more impressive, the difference is it requires a graphics rendering plugin to work which has its setbacks.

This Quake II port using HTML5 is more impressive in that together with the use of Google's Chrome or Apple Safari web browser, it does not require a plug-in and utilizes WebGL, the Canvas API, HTML5 [audio] elements, the local storage API and WebSockets which is all inclusive of the HTML5 specification.

You can watch the streaming video below to see how it looks. More details can be found at the source.

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