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LIVE BLOGGING from Apple 'latest creation' event

Up to the minute live coverage
By: TweakTown Staff | Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones News | Posted: Jan 27, 2010 5:03 pm



Apple's biggest product launch since the iPhone is about to get underway. We will be live blogging the event thanks to live streams setup at TWiT Live and LiveTechEvents 2.0.


This page will update every 30 seconds or you could just hit F5 for the latest. In the meantime, we are warming up our typing fingers!


Thanks GDGT for the images!


[11:35am] That's it for us. Apple, next time fly us in for your upcoming events!


[11:32am] Apple is playing a dangerous game by assuming that people that have iPods and iPhone will want an iPad. They say that because there are 75 Million iPods and iPhones on the market, there are already 75 Million people that know how to use the iPad.


[11:28am] Sean and Cam W have been discussing the iPad. Are we buying one? We are still not sure. A little impressed, but feel like it's not exactly what we expected. VOTE ON OUR POLL NOW - are you buying one?


[11:22am] Now we see the video commercial for the iPad.


[11:20am] The iPad will have a keyboard dock - this is something that people have asked for on the iPhone for years. It makes sense with the side mounted 30-pin port.




[11:20am] The iPad will ship in 60 days.


[11:19am] Adding 3G will cost you $130 more, this means that to get the 64GB with 3G you will pay $839.


[11:19am] That is a good price, they are taking the netbook threat seriously for them to drop this at that price for the 16GB model. Each level of storage is $100. So, 32GB for $599.


[11:18am] The iPad will start at $499! (16GB base model)


[11:17am] All iPads are locked, anyone want to put a bet on how quickly this thing gets jailbroken and unlocked? As they just released the SDK I am thinking we have two months tops before we see this happen.


[11:15am] 250MB/month = $14.99, not that great of a deal. Unlimited through AT&T = $29.99 plus free use of AT&T hot spots. Of course AT&T's 3G network is spoty at best, thankfully there is no contract. International deals will be in place by June or July.




[11:12am] The iPad will come with 3G... I can see phone carriers getting ready.


[11:11am] Each of the iWork applications will be available for only $9.99 each. The iPad can sync with the PC via iTunes just like the iPod and iPhone.


[11:08am] Cam W: iBoring? bla bla, next please.


[11:06am] The showing of iWork recieved only a smattering of applause, very interesting for an Apple event.


[11:04am] Nothing terribly new here, but fun to watch. You can do a lot of this with existing tablets, granted there are not many that are multi-touch, though.


[11:02am] Drag and drop with single or multiple slides looks very interesting. "easy, easy, easy"


[11:01am] Showing Keynote on the iPad with the new interface taking advantage of Multi Touch.


[11:00am] I cannot beleive that this guy just said that a spreadsheet application was "cool and fun to use".


[10:58am] iWork will have a version for the iPad. Jobs says iWork for iPad will have a new interface just for the iPad.


[10:56am] This is a smart move as they are not using the dull and boring eink that other readers do. Instead they can offer full color books with this store. The iBook store is just like iTunes. There are categories for best sellers etc. You can even sample the book in the store and controls are easy with simple taps to navigate through the book. You can dynmically change the fonts to make it larger or smaller depending on your needs or wants.


[10:55am] The UI looks like a book shelf that you can take the book down and read, they also have an iBooks store. The UI looks like a book shelf that you can take the book down and read, they also have an iBooks store. The UI looks like a book shelf that you can take the book down and read, they also have an iBooks store.


[10:53am] And here is the e-reader app I knew would come. iBooks, how predictable.





[10:52am] Apple is talking about the iPad's SDK for third party developers to develop new apps for the iPad. Until then, they say, all existing iPhone apps will work.


[10:48am] Major League Baseball is also jumping in on the game. Very interesting spread of apps for the iPad. Feels like Apple is trying to cover all bases with the iPad. But you have to wonder if some if this is too much.




[10:47am] EA Games called the Display "huge". I am not sure about this considering most netbooks are 10.1-inch or larger. Gaming looks pretty good, the driving game shown is using the accelerometer for stearing.


[10:47am] EA Games is getting into the game with the iPad.




[10:45am] Interesting but, I wonder how useful it will be to end users.


[10:44am] The iPad has an art browser called Brushes.


[10:42am] The iPad has a native app for the New York Times, so the iPad becomes an e-reader as well. I wonder when they will show that feature with an Apple native app...




[10:40am] First persons shooters using multi-touch. If you have tried that then you know how much fun that can be... and now they are inviting up Martin Nisenholtz from the New York Times.


[10:39am] Cam W: I'm not sure how excited I am about this device. We need some hands-on a little later on after the presentation is done.


[10:37am] Apple has an interesting device here, it is another avenue to content consumption.


[10:35am] Again they say, it just works. It seems that the iPad really is just a really big iPhone.


[10:33am] The pixel doubling is a full screen mode, Apple is showing it with Facebook for text and photos. Now Apple is showing how well games work on the iPad.




[10:32am] The iPad can run all of the apps in the app store natively. They can run in pixel per pixel mode or double pixel so that "just works". Cool.


[10:31am] Steve is claiming that it has a standby life of one month. I wonder if that is in the real world or only in Apple's fair tail labs...


[10:31am] Battery life is being claimed at 10 hours.




[10:30am] Apple has put their own SOC called the A4 at 1GHz and it comes with up to 64GB of flash storage and Wireless n and Bluetooth.


[10:28am] The iPad is 1/2 inch thin and 1-1/2 pounds. 9.7 inch IPS display.




[10:27am] Now we are seeing a scene from the movie UP. Steve says it is his favorite. The iPad still looks like an iPhone on steriods to me... I had hoped that Apple would move away from that design.




[10:25am] Steve throws out another "it's wonderful" comment. Talking about street view support on the iPad. The iPad is capable of HD youtube playback. Probably 720p resolution. MSI and others have that also with ION products.


[10:24am] Lots of new and similar features in the iPad.


[10:22am] The tablet has a a full version of iTunes complete with the whole range of features you would find on a Mac or PC.




Thanks GDGT!!!


[10:21am] Here we go with talking about features that others already have. A built in slideshow with transitions and music. Pretty sure you can find that elsewhere too.


[10:20am] Moving through photos is quick and easy with the Photo Scrubber bar. Looks good!




[10:18am] The e-mail view looks nice with a reading pane available. I wonder if this will have flash? The virtual keyboard is a larger version of the one on the iPhone, but you should be able to type with both hands. The overall look is still the iPhone, just with much more room and some added functionality.


[10:17am] Buying tickets on Fandango he says "it's that simple on the iPad", it is very easy on my phone too, though.


[10:15am] Steve appears to be actually using the iPad sitting in a comfortable chair. He says it is more intimate than a laptop, but more than a smartphone.




[10:11am] iPad is the name. Who won the bet?




[10:10am] The netbook is nothing but a cheaper laptop, not a better laptop, says Jobs. Even saying that their use of PC software is a hinderance.


[10:10am] Cam W: "netbooks are not better at anything" I hope Sascha isn't watching this! LOL


[10:10am] Steve is talking about why Apple has stayed away from Netbooks - "netbooks are not better at anything"


[10:08am] Jobs finishes up saying they are even bigger than Nokia.


[10:07am] Steve is talking about how Apple compares to the other mobile device makers. Claiming they are the largest in the world. Even bigger than Sony Jobs says.


[10:05am] Apple is talking about their $15.6 Billion (with a B) revenue and where it all comes from.


[10:02am] Let's go.


[9:59am] We should be kicking off real soon!


[9:57am] Cam W: So, last minute predictions... I reckon the tablet will be called "iTablet" for the simple reason they have the iPhone and the "i" works and people know it. Not counting out "iPad", though.




[9:48am] Plenty of video feeds popping up now. We're all good.


[9:45am] Are we going to get live video feed from the event? We'll see soon enough. We tried calling the Apple Media Helpline and the hold time is 30 minutes. TWiT are trying right now.


[9:38am] Cam W: I'm pretty darn excited to see what Apple have done with this tablet. Or maybe they are just letting out some new iPods, that would be funny!


[9:37am] Press are moving inside now.


[9:25am] Press is gathering at the front of the door, they should be allowed in soon.


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