US Companies Lose $2.8B A Year Leaving PC's On

Shutting down does more than save the planet.

Published Thu, Mar 26 2009 1:10 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:37 PM CST
In the 2009 Energy Report by 1E, it was found that about 50% of US workers don't shut down their PC at the end of the day. The situation doesn't get much better worldwide, with only 56% in the UK and Germany shutting down.

US Companies Lose $2.8B A Year Leaving PC's On
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1E says that this is costing companies big time, about $2.8B in energy costs to be more precise. On top of that, it creates about 20 million tons of carbon dioxide to keep the PC's powered up.

US Companies Lose $2.8B A Year Leaving PC's On

As many businesses struggle with the the overwhelming economic conditions, it makes even more sense to look at something as simple as reminding employees to turn of their computers at night. Even a business with only 1,000 computers can save about $26,000 anually if they can get their computers off during non-business hours.

The report also urges people to turn off the computers at home when not in use too. While the impact individually won't be as great, in these days, every penny counts.

IT departments in organizations around the world are discovering how much they save when they make their feets of PCs and laptops more energy effcient. Additionally, an increasing number of utility companies offer rebates for organizations using power management solutions.

Employers today have a golden opportunity to demonstrate environmental and financially astute thought leadership by taking a few simple, energy-saving measures, such as setting up processes to power down PCs. Every day that passes is a lost opportunity to save money and reduce your carbon foot-print. We hope you'll act now to take this opportunity to make a difference.

Zac provides professional IT support by day, but plays the role of enthusiast by night. He's been building high-end custom computer for the nearly fifteen years and writing PC hardware reviews for the better part of a decade. Aside from computers, he also dabbles in quite a bit of home A/V equipment. Throughout the years, Zac has picked up an extensive knowledge of power circuitry and leverages this to provide the PSU reviews. When not found testing or writing, you can often find him speeding through the winding countryside on his motorcycle.

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