hhgregg Stores to Accept Circuit City Gift Cards

Cards good through April 1st!

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Surely many of our readers have some Circuit City gift cards laying around and most of you have probably felt the need to hurry up and spend them or else risk losing the money tied to the card. If you are like some of us here at TweakTown, you have been to your local store and realized that even their so called liquidation prices are often above the retail price you would pay at other electronics stores. So what are you to do with that gift card that might just represent a large chunk of your new flat panel TV or home theater system?

hhgregg Stores to Accept Circuit City Gift Cards
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It appears that hhgregg has stepped up to the plate and given you a better option than letting it go to waste or spending it on overpriced items. Through April 1st, hhgregg will allow you to use your Circuit City gift card on purchases made with the company. There are a few catches, but they aren't bad at all. First, you can't use your Circuit City gift card on purchased made online. You are going to have to physically go to the store and purchase the item. Second, and most importantly, your gift card value is only good on up to 20% of your purchase. That means if you have a $200 gift card and puchase an $800 TV, you are going to lose $40 that is on your gift card. You can always use that as a great reason to talk your spouse into getting that new set of Klipsh speakers you have been drooling over to make value on your card less than 20% of your total purchase. After the purchase you have to give your Circuit City card to them.

The company also states on their website that factory warranty service may also be privide to products on like brands that they carry.

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