Government + Internet infrastructure = complete mess

By Anthony Garreffa on Jul 2, 2014 at 1:46 am CDT

I'm going to have a full write up on this in the coming week or so, but I wanted to vent some of my anger on a blog. So, two months ago I signed up for the National Broadband Network, or NBN. The NBN is the best Internet a consumer can get in Australia, but you have to be living in a specific suburb, house or state to get it.

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I moved house a few months ago with a large reason on deciding on this house is that it was connected to Tier 5 NBN, meaning I get 100/40Mbps. In Australian standards, this is like going from dial up Internet to massively fast Internet access. Well, after huge problems even getting them to come to my house, they arrived yesterday morning to install it.

After it was installed, I thought I was all good - I was wrong. After two hours of using it, and thinking about how damn fast it was - downloading apps onto my phone, syncing my Google Photos onto my Drive account, and streaming a YouTube video at 1080p - all at once, something I could never do before, it died. My entire NBN connection died. It has been dead for 27 hours now, with 7 phone calls to my provider (iiNet) to try and resolve my issues.

According to iiNet, they have never experienced a consumer with this problem - just my luck. The bigger problem is that the NBN Co, the company behind the national roll out of fiber Internet for Australians, is government-owned. I can't go to anyone to complain, or to get my problem fixed quicker. The NBN Co pushes out all of its jobs to contractors, so there is no care in the world when it comes to a single person having a problem, like I am now.

As I type, I'm on hold to my ISP to try yet another trick on the NTD box (my 'modem'). I hope it ends up working, but for now, this has just been headache after headache. Eight weeks without proper Internet is killing me.

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