Should I install a heat sink on my SSD to tame the temperatures a bit?

Austin is a bit concerned about the temperatures his SSD is reaching and wants to know if he should consider cooling.

Question by Austin from United States | Answered by in Storage on Wed, Jan 22 2020 11:35 PM CST

I have had a BPX NVMe SSD for some time, but only recently noticed the temperatures. I'm averaging around 66c and reaching 77c maximum, should I worry about keeping it cool? Should I install a heat sink?

The SSD is currently placed between the CPU cooler and the GPU, could temperatures drop down if I place it directly under the GPU?

Hi Austin,

OK, first, the original BPX from MyDigitalSSD had its temperature sensor on the controller so it reads a more direct temperature compared to other drives. That said, it's always best to keep components as cool as possible.

Should I install a heat sink on my SSD to tame the temperatures a bit? |

If you have the means, read this article I wrote on m.2 heat sinks. It may offer some insight on the available cooling solutions for your BPX, as it was one of the drives tested.

TLDR: I'd give a heat sink a try, I preferred the EKWB solution for aesthetics, but I would also make sure you have good airflow in and out of your chassis.

As far as location goes, I would make sure your bottom slots aren't controlled by the chipset, as it will often give lower throughput than top slots that run from CPU lanes.

Last updated: Nov 3, 2020 at 07:10 pm CST

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