In which situations will an Intel processor beat an AMD processor?

Will an Intel processor beat an AMD processor at most things? Or are there certain scenarios where the AMD will come out on top?

Question by Hosam from Egypt | Answered by in CPUs, Chipsets & SoCs on Tue, Mar 10 2015 6:58 PM CDT

Can AMD and Intel processor do the same job, or there are some situations AMD is better than Intel vice versa?

Hi there Hosam,

In which situations will an Intel processor beat an AMD processor? |

This is a great question, where everyone is going to have a different answer. In a majority of situations, an Intel processor will beat an AMD processor. Video editing, gaming, virtually anything processor intensive, will have the Intel coming out of the flames holding the winning flag.

  • If you were building a video or photo production/editing PC, then I would definitely recommend Intel.
  • If you were building a new gaming PC, both options are great.

We've done some testing, and even at 4K the AMD CPU keeps up and actually beats a high-end, expensive Intel set up.

I would suggest getting what fits your budget, and if you can Intel. If you can't afford the Intel set up, an AMD set up definitely is not a bad decision, especially for the budget-minded gamer.

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