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Hybrid AMOLED/E-Ink screen design concept would save your batteries

By: Don Lynn | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Nov 18, 2010 1:09 am

One of the biggest gripes about smartphones, for all their awesomeness, is battery life. Cho Sinhyung & Jeon Jungjae have released a conceptual design called the "Second Life Mobile Phone Concept" that would give your battery a break with a hybrid screen.


TweakTown image news/1/7/17597_001.jpg


This futuristic looking design employs a full featured AMOLED screen when your phone is active that switches over to an E-Ink display while in standby mode. The semi-transparent screen would also show the battery life percentage remaining. It looks like a fragile little thing, but it's a pretty cool concept that may have its uses in future designs.

RumorTT: PSP2 dev kit pics?

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Nov 18, 2010 12:01 am

Well, well Sony - I clap in your general direction. There are pics out from an early Sony PSP2 development kit. Is it just me or do the pics (in their blurry quality) feel like an ultrasound when you have a baby on the way (having done this just months ago myself, with the arrows pointing to different parts of the babies growing body) but anyway! Pics!


TweakTown image news/1/7/17596_255.jpg


Just like a growing baby - the PSP2 is in early stages yet obviously - but from these pictures obviously taken with a 45 year old camera, it looks to have a HD screen, two cameras (front and rear), microphone, two thumbsticks and a rear "trackpad".

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LevelUp offers cool Rock Band Storage ottoman

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Gaming | Posted: Nov 17, 2010 8:00 pm

I really like to play Rock Band with my kids and friends every now and again. The thing I hate about Rock Band though is that the controllers that go with the game to take up lots of space. I have two-guitar controller, the drums, mic, drumsticks and other stuff that I have to find a place to stash after we are done playing. That can be a challenge and typically I end up with the drums upstairs, the drum sticks under the bed, and guitar controllers other places.


TweakTown image news/1/7/17593_1.jpg


If you have the same issue storing and finding all your Rock Band gear, LevelUp has a great new storage device specifically made for Rock Band hardware. The storage ottoman is called the Rock Band Storage ottoman and has enough space inside for you to store your unassembled drum kit, games, standard controllers, and a lot more. The lid has Velcro loops for holding two guitar controllers.

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Vizio adds three new 1080p 3D TVs to XVT line

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: HT & Movies | Posted: Nov 17, 2010 7:28 pm

When it comes to the flat panel TV market in the US one of the leading companies is Vizio. The company has been selling HDTVs for a much shorter time than other makers have, but it is one of the most popular brands in the country. This is due to the low prices and nice features the TVs offer consumers. One of the most popular lines of TV that Vizio offers is the XVT brand. Vizio has announced that it has added three new 3D TV models to the XVT series.


TweakTown image news/1/7/17592_5.jpg


The three new models will offer 42", 47", and 55" screen sizes. The will also support Vizio Internet Apps and 1080p resolution. The sets all have multiple HDMI inputs, SRS TruSurround HD audio, and a 480Hz SPS refresh rate. The sets all also feature 802.11n WiFi for web connectivity and have LED backlighting.

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Griffin Slap turns the iPod nano 6th gen into a bright colored watch

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Audio, Sound & Speakers | Posted: Nov 17, 2010 7:00 pm

When the new iPod nano launched with its touchscreen and the face that could be a clock, there were geeks everywhere that had the same though. The new nano would make a really cool and geeky watch with the right case. So far, we have seen a number of watchbands for the nano surface and some were cooler than others were. Griffin has jumped into the game with a new nano watchband called the Slap.


TweakTown image news/1/7/17591_4.jpg


My kids will recognize right away that this is one of those slap bracelets that they play with. The Slap from Griffin Technology is a silicon case with a flexible metal inside. Once you put your nano into the area that holds it all you have to do is slap the thing onto your wrist. The band will wrap around your wrist automatically making for a snug fit.

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Elecom offers strange wireless headphones for iPod shuffle

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Audio, Sound & Speakers | Posted: Nov 17, 2010 6:00 pm

I am sure that we are all familiar with wireless headphones. Typically, we are talking about headphones that use Bluetooth or headphones that use special 2.4GHz dongles to connect to computers and other things from across the room. Elecom has unveiled a new set of Wireless headphones for the iPod shuffle that are far from what you would expect in wireless headphones.




The headset doesn't need wires, but it is not what you would expect to find. Rather than having Bluetooth gear or 2.4GHz wireless connectivity inside, the thing has a 3.5mm headphone jack on one of the earpieces of the headphones. Rather than having to run a wire from the headphones to the shuffle, the Elecom headphones - called the Actrail - have a headphone plug and the shuffle sticks to the side of the earpiece.

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TechOn gets engineers to tear down Sony Google TV

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Displays & Projectors | Posted: Nov 17, 2010 5:08 pm

We really like our teardowns around here. If you take your shiny new gadgets and rip them apart so we can see if the are as pretty inside as you we will watch. We may make fun of you behind your back for killing a perfectly good gadget, but we will watch. Generally, a tear down involves a geek and your average set of tools. TechOn has torn down one of Sony's Google TV sets and had to get help from some engineers to do it.




After laying the Sony NSX-24GT1 on its screen, the tear down started with the simple removal of a few screws to open the case up. Things quickly became much more complicated as the engineers helping with the tar down got into the boards the set uses. There are gobs of cables inside there with three circuit boards with one being the TV board and one an Android board and the other a power supply.

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Hulu Plus launches at $7.99 monthly

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: HT & Movies | Posted: Nov 17, 2010 4:06 pm

I would be willing to be that a DVR or two is not enough for many of you. My kids use the upstairs DVR to record all sorts of cartoons and the wife and I record all sorts of other shows on the DVR in the living room. Several nights each week we miss shows we really want to watch in favor of shows that we like a little better. The good news is that Hulu lets us catch up on some of those shows, but the offerings could be better. Hulu Plus promised to make that line up better and at higher resolution.


TweakTown image news/1/7/17588_1.jpg


The catch was that when Hulu Plus was first announced at $9.99 monthly, many people thought that was just too much to pay for the service. While the service has been in beta that $9.99 price has been reconsidered by Hulu for the official launch. With Hulu Plus now all official for anyone who wants to join the new price is a bit more palatable than the original with a $2 discount making the new price $7.99.

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