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Wednesday Morning Roundup

By: Steve Dougherty | More News: Roundups | Posted: Jul 28, 2010 8:23 am

The latest happenings from around the web - July 27, 2010




- Silverstone Sugo SG07 Review (featuring Intel 655k & Zotac H55 ITX) @ Kitguru

- Dell Inspiron Zino HD @ Missing Remote




- AMD 890GX - Gigabyte vs. ASRock @ Metku

- MSI P55A-GD65 Motherboard @ Hardware Secrets

- ASRock X58 Extreme 3 LGA1366 Motherboard @ Futurelooks

- Asus Rampage III Extreme - Overclocking Hero @ Ocaholic

- Gigabyte X58A-UD9 Motherboard @ tbreak

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"Ladies first" for iPhone 4 in Switzerland

By: | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Jul 28, 2010 6:26 am

Looking to grab an iPhone 4 in Switzerland on launch day? Better bring a female friend with you. Orange at Globus, in an exclusive campaign, has instituted a "Ladies First" policy when they open their doors at 6AM on July 30th to begin selling the iPhone 4.


TweakTown image news/1/6/16192_001.jpg


The company is also giving away a few prizes and offering croissants and coffee for those waiting patiently in line for their new Apple phone, but if any guys want to get involved they have to be in the company of a female to even be allowed in. It looks like the women of Switzerland better set their clocks early and get ready to have to choose which one of their tech-crazy guy friends they'll accompany. I can see flower, candy, and other gift sales taking a huge jump this week in SwitzerlandÂ…...

S-LCD vs AMOLED vs S-AMOLED vs LCD video review

By: Don Lynn | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Jul 28, 2010 1:53 am

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed yesterday when the news came out that the HTC Desire and a few other phones would be switching from the AMOLED screen to the Super LCD screens due to supply concerns. Then again, my carrier is in one of the U.S. "regional markets" looking to get the Desire sometime in the next couple months, so I've been biting my nails waiting to upgrade to this phone. The question is, what's the real world difference in the screens? Howard of HowardForums took a look:




While there is a bit of a noticeable difference at some angles with the S-AMOLED screen and AMOLED screen over the Super LCD, the difference looks to be pretty minimal. I'm not completely sold that most of us would be able to tell the difference unless they are right next to each other as they are in the video. If the battery life is improved with the Super LCD as HTC has claimed, it may just be a worthwhile tradeoff. Is it Autumn yet?

iPhone jailbreaking may be legal, but will still void your warranty

By: Don Lynn | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Jul 28, 2010 12:16 am

The news yesterday from the Library of Congress stating that jailbreaking your iPhone was legal was expected to make the bigwigs at Apple a little unhappy. A spokeswoman from Apple kept their official statement pretty short and sweet, essentially stating that although it may be legal, jailbreaking your iPhone will still void your warranty.


TweakTown image news/1/6/16194_001.jpg


In an interview with Cult of Mac, Apple's spokeswoman stated, "Apple's goal has always been to insure that our customers have a great experience with their iPhone and we know that jailbreaking can severely degrade the experience. As we've said before, the vast majority of customers do not jailbreak their iPhones as this can violate the warranty and can cause the iPhone to become unstable and not work reliably."

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AAXA M1 Limited Micro Projector Launches

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Displays & Projectors | Posted: Jul 27, 2010 11:06 pm

AAXA Technologies has been offering a micro projector that is a bit more than a handful for a while now. The original projector had about 66 lumens of light and the company has announced a new version of the projector called the M1 Limited Edition.


TweakTown image news/1/6/16189_4.jpg


The limited edition version has the same chassis design and is the same size. The difference is that the limited edition version has 75 lumens of brightness. The resolution of the little projector is 800 x 600.

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iPhone 4 compatibility with Gigabyte On/Off charge confirmed

By: Don Lynn | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Jul 27, 2010 10:14 pm

TweakTown image news/1/6/16185_001.jpg


Gigabyte's On/Off Charging technology was announced back in April and it has made many with mobile devices pretty happy having a place to charge their mobile devices whether their PC is on or off. Gigabyte has now announced hat their On/Off technology is indeed compatible with the iPhone 4, and even provides a 40% faster quick charge than traditional motherboards. This is due to the fact that Gigabyte's USB ports can provide the near 1 amp that the iPhone 4 requests to quick charge compared to the 0.5 amps that USB ports are normally capped at.

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HTC to offer smartphones under its name in China

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Jul 27, 2010 10:04 pm

For a long time HTC made phones that were sold under other brand names. The company then started selling HTC branded devices in the US and other countries.




HTC has now announced that it will launch its smartphones in China under its own brand. The company will team with Chinese wireless provider China Mobile to bring the devices to market.

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Abyss Watch is cool and minimalist

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Fashion meets Tech | Posted: Jul 27, 2010 9:06 pm

I am not a watch wearer, like many people today I prefer to just use my iPhone to tell time rather than a watch. If you like strange watches we have one for you today from Chinavision.




The watch is called the Abyss and has blue LED lights on the face to tell time. Those lights only glow when the user touches the screen and the watch has no hands. When the watch is not lit, the face is a blank black dial.

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HyperMac Stand extends battery life for iPad

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Jul 27, 2010 8:00 pm

I have said it before, it's uncomfortable to watch video or use the iPad for an extended period with it laying flat on a desk or table. I want a stand to lift the screen up for more comfort.


TweakTown image news/1/6/16186_1.jpg


A new iPad stand has surfaced called the HyperMac Stand. The thing has two slots that hold the iPad in or out of a case. One of the slots is good for an 18-degree angle and the other provides a 45-degree angle for the screen.

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Juicy Couture Mini Bear Speakers are a stack of pink weirdness

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Audio, Sound & Speakers | Posted: Jul 27, 2010 7:00 pm

The first time I saw these I wondered who in their right mind would want a set of speakers for their MP3 player that were teddy bears. Them my daughter saw them and flipped out and it dawned on me -- little girls.


TweakTown image news/1/6/16184_5.jpg


The Mini Bear Speakers are from Juicy Couture and are available for pre-order for $68. They are set to ship on August 20.

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