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Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review

Reeven's Four Eyes is a fan controller with a touchscreen interface to help control the fans inside your computer.

Manufacturer: Reeven
8 minute read time
TweakTown's Rating: 94%
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The Bottom Line

It is relatively easy to use with its touchscreen, the color options are nice, it has alarms, and it is easy to read. Honestly, the Reeven Four Eyes has everything you need including tons of power.

Introduction, Specifications, and Pricing

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 02

Not all that long ago, had you asked us about to Reeven, we would have likely stared back blankly at you and utter something poetic like "um no, should I?". In reality, I really should have as they are a name that is on the move. From almost complete anonymity, Reeven has broken the surface in the vast sea of coolers and fan controllers out there. We have seen a few of their coolers and even a fan controller, and they seem to have their head in the game and offer some decent options.

Of course, we have seen many types of fan controllers from standalone devices, to hidden hubs and controllers, and every other form of bay controller. That being said, not all controllers are created equal, and no everyone wants to look at knobs, sliders, or switches peeking through the front of their chassis all the time. In fact, most companies today offer up digital fan control and going on step further, a few even offer touch control.

Reeven's Four Eyes Touch fan controller is a bay controller and with a sectioned off screen, it offer tons of information and optional settings at just a press away. It even offers various color options so that it will fit in with any theme you may already have. The nice thing is that the features don't stop there, as Reeven adds everything you need, done with cleanliness and being able to hide the wiring in mind as well. The Reeven Four Eyes Touch has a little something for everyone, so stick it out and continue with us as we show just what this fan controller is capable of doing.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 01

In the features, we see that there is an LCD touchscreen panel in the front. With the name Four Eyes, we expected four channels, and that is what we get. It can provide 30W per channel. It also states that there are clear view windows to see the information, and seven color options.

In the specifications, we find that the Four Eyes can also be found looking for the RFC-03 model number. This single 5.25" bay controller is 148mm wide, 42mm tall, and goes 100mm deep into the chassis. It uses both the 5V and 12V power supplied by a SATA power port for voltage control and is shown to deliver 2.5A per channel, and at 12V that works out to 30W per channel. It can read temperatures via sensor wires from 0 to 99 degrees in Celsius, and offers a wider range in equivalent Fahrenheit readings. It can also read fan speeds from 0 to 9990 RPM, and the bay controller without the wiring included weighs in at 200 grams.

Now you cannot just go anywhere and buy these devices, sad to say, but it's true. Currently, as we look around, it seems Reeven has only been able to get into a couple of the PC e-tailers, and not Amazon or Newegg at this time. However, at, they have it for $49.95 with shipping costs involved. You could also look to, as they too show stock of the Four Eyes Touch at $49.99, but without shipping included. For a touch control fan controller, pricing is usually in this range and at this point we feel that the pricing is on point for the feature set offered by this device.


Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 02

The top of the box offers the Reeven name at the top right, with the Four Eyes Touch name in a very stylized script. We then see the fan controller near the bottom, with iconography under it denoting the touch controls, four channels, seven color options, and 30W of power per channel.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 03

The thinner sides of the box are also good sources of information. This one shows the location of the temperature, fan speed, the temperature shift and mute button, the settings bar, and the color shift button locations on the face of the Four Eyes. To the right, it shows that it can be not only purple, but blue, green, yellow, light blue/white, pink, and red as well.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 04

This side panel offers the Reeven name and logo, but repeats the touch, four channel, 30W per, and the seven color options we saw on the top.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 05

Spinning the box again, we run into a multi-lingual specifications chart. Across the chart are the names of the specifications in seven total languages, and to the right are the specifics to that term.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 06

The last of the thin sides offers us an items list, or what else besides the controller comes in the box. Here it is explained that there are four fan cable leads, five sensor cables for temperatures, and screws. We also are given a small sheet of stickers to help set the thermal probes and keep them in place.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 07

On the back, it looks much like the top does with the fancy naming and striping. The bulk of this panel offers a list of cautionary statements to make sure you don't try to melt down the fan controller or your computer.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 08

Inside of this box, the controller is wrapped in plastic and then set into a compartment surrounded by dense foam. The accessories and paperwork are separated and allowed this controller to make a long journey here and still show up in great shape.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 09

Fresh out of the box, we look dead into the face of the Four Eyes Touch. The four windows across the top are for each of the channels and at the bottom smaller buttons flank either side of the slider bar for control of thermal and fan speed options.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 10

It was hard to see dead on to the controller, but the bottom right corner does have the Reeven name present in its design. As to either side, they are shiny black plastic and offers a pair of holes on either side to secure mount this into an optical bay.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 11

Looking at the back of the LCD screen, we don't see much other than a ribbon cable and the short jumper at the bottom. It is nice to see the screen is screwed in and won't move around when used.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 12

The power delivery side has the chokes at the back, with the caps in the middle and the resistors mixed in and at the front near the four 3-pin fan connections. To the right of them is a SATA power plug, and you connect the PSU lead directly to this device; there's no extra power lead to deal with.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 13

To the right of the SATA power there are four dual pin plugs that are for the thermal sensors, these plug in on edge for each of the channels. To the right of that is a removable jumper to silence the controllers buzzer that is sitting right nearby.

Accessories and Documentation

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 14

If your chassis does not offer tool-less mounting options, or if you just prefer a more secure means of installation, screws are provided. Behind the four screws is the sheet of stickers that keeps the thermal probe leads where you want them.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 15

This bundle seen above is the five thermal probe wires. They are sleeved so that they can easily be hidden and look nice also. They are all just over 28" in length, so you can monitor anything in the case you wish to without any issues there. They are also clearly marked to make connectivity easier.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 16

All of those same attributes carry over to the fan leads as well, which are also sleeved, just as long, and clearly marked as well. The thing to know about these is that while the controller ends are 3-pin, the male ends are 4-pin ready, so any fan is fair game with the Four Eyes Touch.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 17

The manual is where the party is when it comes to figuring out how to use the Four Eyes Touch. It shows how to connect everything as well as how to install it into a chassis. When it comes to how to change settings and colors, it's a handy reference guide.

Powering, Controls, and Options

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 18

With the initial powering of the Four Eyes Touch, it booted up for us in this light blue color option. Across the top, we can see the temperature of each channel as well as fan speed in RPMs. At the bottom, we can see how to swap thermal scales to the left, and to the right is the color and reset button.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 19

Here all we did was press the C/F button at the bottom to get the controller to display temperatures in Fahrenheit this time. Also, if you hold that same button longer, it will temporarily mute the buzzer if you have left the jumper in place.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 20

At this time, we changed back to Celsius for the temperatures, and also swapped out the colors of the screen to this green color we have now.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 21

We picked and chose which colors to show, as some didn't photograph all that well, but this purple option is vivid and took well to the camera.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 22

We held our finger over the temperature in the top left window as this is how you set the channel alarm. While the readout may go up to 99 degrees, the alarm top end of the range is only 90 degrees.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller Review 23

In the same first window, we kept our finger on the fan speed this time, and same as the temperature, it began to flash. The slider bar reduces the fan speed from 2300 to 1500 just by swiping our finger across the middle.

Final Thoughts

Let's start off with the controller itself, without any of the goodies involved. We looked at the low-end and the top end of power delivery, messed around with all the options, and here is what we found. It's hard to get to the thermal alarm option. Most times, we were given the fan speed adjustment option instead, but using a smaller pinky or capacitive pointer seemed to lessen the issue. As to the rest of the touchscreen options and functionality, we have no issues to mention at all. One thing we would like to mention, and we do appreciate the SATA plug, rather than another lead to manage, but when we tried to unplug our power lead, the clip wanted to come off. Be careful when or if you decide to disconnect the power.

We found that the lowest we could get the slider was it showing four bars at the left side, and at this time the digital multi-meter was reading a solid 4.10V. Moving the slider into the middle with 50 percent of the power applied, we then got a reading of 8.16V. Then with the slider all the way to the right, we were getting 12.12V to the multi-meter. On top of that, this controller can handle 120W of fans across all of its channels. 30W per channel is a lot and plenty for anyone, as it takes a ton of fans to reach that amount of power draw. Also, getting them connected is a breeze, and with 28" of fan leads, you can control anything in basically any chassis. Also, the sensor wires are just as long. You can route them anywhere and get HDD, memory, GPU, etc. readings, as the wiring will certainly get there.

We liked this product, and even if our fingers were a little too fat to get the job done right all the time, the capacitive stylus came in super handy and fixed our fat finger issue. We like all the color options, so if we change builds, the fan controller can stay and adapt to the new theme. As long as you have a free optical bay, and the time to wire the Four Eyes Touch to your PC, you too can enjoy a wide range of controls for the four 30W channels. And it looks great while offering all of this. While near $50 for a fan controller may seem expensive, compare it to other touchscreen offerings and you will see that Reeven is not out of the ballpark here. If this design suits you, we have no issues recommending it.

TweakTown award
Quality including Design and Build94%
General Features95%
Bundle and Packaging97%
Value for Money92%

The Bottom Line: It is relatively easy to use with its touchscreen, the color options are nice, it has alarms, and it is easy to read. Honestly, the Reeven Four Eyes has everything you need including tons of power.

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