Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler

Another EVOlution of Titan's well regarded Fenrir CPU cooler line-up has taken place and right from the get go it has peaked interest with its eye catching colour scheme.

Manufacturer: Titan
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Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 99

Silence in air cooling is definitely a trend I am seeing more and more this year. It used to be that performance was the overall determining factor in cooler purchases. I can't tell you the amount of people I have seen who would buy a TRUE and strap up two Delta fans in a push/pull configuration. Now, with that type of setup, they were able to achieve some very nice results, but the fact that you now have your own mini jet engine blasting in your ears, it wasn't the solution for everyone.

As a huge bonus to the buyers of the newer coolers I am seeing, the coolers themselves are getting more and more efficient, and new leaps are being made in fan designs. If I were to tell you I was using a 2000 RPM fan that would push about 60 CFM, you would assume there to be a nice hum emanating from the fan. The coolers I am seeing lately are really stepping up to the plate to offer fans of this caliber that are in actuality, very silent. One of the companies taking steps to relieve your ears is Titan.

Just over a year ago, Titan sent me the original concept of this cooler when I looked at the TTC-NK85TZ. Since then, they also made a red version that came out in time for Christmas and was called Fenrir X'mas Edition TTC-NK85TZ-CS. Even though I didn't have one in my hands, it is a red and black version of the original. This time around we are going to be looking at the Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB). With this EVOlution we not only get a new color scheme, but near silent operation as well. Color choice is a nice option when it comes to choosing your next cooler, but performance is where it's at for me; so let's get to it.

Specifications, Availability and Pricing

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 01

The Fenrir EVO is made from the same arrangement of fins and heat pipes as the other two are, no major changes in the basics. Where the EVO differs is in the color scheme most obviously. This time you will find a layer of twenty-two black fins stacked on top of ten gold fins, and then both of those are stacked above twenty more black fins. These fifty-two aluminum fins are all press fit onto the four, 8mm heat pipes. The "U" shaped heat pipes are held in place with a black anodized, aluminum base plate that allows the pipes to make direct contact with the processors IHS.

Along with the trend for silence, Titan accompanies the Fenrir EVO with a TFD-12025H12ZP, 120mm fan. Now, this fan can attain speeds of 2200 RPM and deliver up to 62 CFM of airflow. While doing all this, Titan says that it can accomplish both of these at a measly 15 dBA. The fan comes in a gold color and uses nine, kukri-shaped blades. The last couple of coolers we have tested have really started to set a new bar in our testing results; let's see how well Titan fairs. Strapping this cooler to your favorite system shouldn't be any problem; with the hardware included it can handle AMD sockets since 939/K8 and all Intel Sockets since LGA775.

I didn't receive any pricing info, but one would have to assume, since both previous versions are going for around $50, Titan would price the Fenrir EVO similarly. Since most of the products featured at Computex are all starting to make it to retail outlets now, keep an eye out for the new Fenrir, as it is also coming very soon to an e-tailer near you. If black and gold is your theme, and silence is a factor when you are choosing a cooler, I suggest you keep reading and see just how well this change up to the Fenrir really is.


The Package

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 02

The Fenrir EVO comes in a clear plastic, thermally sealed packaging. This allows Titan to use thin layer fo cardboard on the inside to show images of the cooler, the compatibility, some of the features, and still left a bit of room to view the cooler inside.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 03

This side has a very specific list of all the processors on each socket type it will mount on top of. To keep it simple if you have an AMD K8, AM2, AM2+, or AM3 the Fenrir EVO will fit. As for Intel, it will fit LGA775, LGA1156, and LGA1366. Under this list you will also find the short list of cooler and fan specifications.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 04

The back of the package holds images to show the five main features. On the right side, there are eight other languages describing the , 120mm fan, the 8mm heat pipes, the 4-pin PWM control, the density of the fins, and the all-in-one mounting system.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 05

We can see a bit of the cooler peaking throygh on this side too, but more importantly, Titan shows more you should know about the Fenrir EVO. Things like that it is made to handle 160W TDP CPUs, that it is almost 25° cooler than stock, and that they supply thermal grease and a 3-4 pin adapter for the fan.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 06

To gain access to the cooler you need to cut away the thermally sealed edge. Once that is done you can remove the back, and gain access to the internal packaging, hardware, and instructions.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 07

The Fenrir EVO and its fan are both packaged in their own form fitting, plastic trays. Stacking the fan on top envelops the cooler in multiple layers of protection during transit.

The Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 08

Starting at the bottom, Titan used a black anodized base this time to hold the four, 8mm heat pipes in place. Once the heat is in the pipes it is carried into a fifty-two layer sandwich of black with a ten fin, gold midsection. The pipes are then cleanly terminated above the top fin.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 09

From the side you can see the pipes are evenly spaced and the edge of this version remains open like the first two Fenrir models. You may also notice, there are no arrangements made to add a second fan to the EVO either, something I would have liked to have seen personally.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 10

While the top fin is the only one to carry the Fenrir logo, all the fins underneath, both black and gold fins carry the edge dimples and the pressed in Titan logo. While the Titan logo is for looks, it will also help disturb the air in the body of the cooler, while the edge dimples will help to deflect the air back into the cooler and it should lose less air out the opened sides.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 11

On top of the anodized base there is a cross pattern cut into the top. This is to hold the top half of the mounting hardware, and securely keep the CPU mounted.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 12

Underneath, the pipes and aluminium base plate are milled at the same time. Now there are small gaps between the base and the pipes, but not near as big as some I have seen before. Against a razor, there is good contact from the outer two pipes and through the middle. Both outer pieces of aluminium are bevelled away from the IHS, but they don't make contact at this point of the base anyways.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 13

The frame of this fan looks like the color of aged nickel, while the nine kukri shaped blades can push 62 CFM of air onto the EVO. With sheathed wire, and a 4-pin PWM connection, the fan can be bios and software controlled through the CPU header on the motherboard.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 14

Just to verify the model of the 120mm fan for two reasons. One, so you can see the power draw. The second reason is in case you want to try to strap in another matching fan later. That is if you can find a successful way of mounting it.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 15

From the side, with the use of the two metal fan mounts in the hardware, you can see the 120mm fan covers all of the fins quite well.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 16

From the front, it's a bit tough to see, but if you look closely, you can see the fan not only covers from top to bottom, but the fan clears both sides as well. With the shape of the fins and the indents in each of them, it gives this ultra quiet fan a good chance of still producing good results.

Accessories and Documentation

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 17

The plate on the left is to be used for any AMD mounting, and if you flip it over it is what you use for LGA775 mounting. On the right is the LGA1366 back plate with studs already mounted to the plate. For LGA1156 there is a system of screws and risers you will see soon. On top of the LGA1366 plate, I set the top mounting piece on it. It has all the holes in the top piece for all the socket types.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 18

The rest of the hardware consists of the Intel mounting bolts above the thumbscrews on the left side. In the middle is some Royal Grease, the 3 to 4-pin adapter with an inline resistor, and the two fan mounting clips. On the right there is a bag with four screws that aren't used, the Intel screws for both LGA775 and LGA1156, a set of black washers for LGA 775 mounting, and a set of white washers for K8 mounting.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 19

In with the foldout instruction sheet you are about to see, there is a supplement sent for the LAG1156 mounting. It follows most of the same instructions as the others, but the major difference here for LGA1156 users is no back plate.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 20

The main part of the instructions can be seen here, well 1/6 of it can. This folds out to expose two more panels on this side for varying languages for the AMD mounting instructions, and the back has all of the Intel mounting instructions for LGA 1366 and LGA775. Both set of instructions will answer any questions you should run into for mounting the Fenrir EVO. If it doesn't, just look at the pictures, it is a pretty easy mounting kit to work with.

Test System & Testing Results

Test System & Test Results

TweakTown uses a different method for testing CPU heatsinks which allows for an even playing field across all product tests. We feel that by using the same ambient temperature and strict lab-like testing procedures we are able to accurately compare one product to another. More information on our testing procedure can be found in the T.E.C.C. article here.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 21

Just squeaking in as the tenth most efficient cooler at idle, it puts it in direct competition with say the V6GT which is much louder, and fall just behind the Jing at an even price point, but the EVO is black and gold not green.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 22

At load, it falls right in the middle of a Thermaltake sandwich. Besting quite a few coolers on the list, this black and gold version of the Fenrir is performing brilliantly, especially with the lack of noise coming from our test chamber.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 23

In the audio testing, at idle, the Fenrir EVO does move up a few slots with an impressively quiet 35 dB.

Titan Fenrir EVO TTC-NK85TZ/CS2(RB) CPU Cooler 24

With the load testing the noise level does rise a bit, but nothing that you can hear over a graphics card during gaming. At 55 dB it isn't the best, but plays right into line with a lot of the silent solutions being offered today.

Final Thoughts

Aside from a couple of motherboard manufacturers, most mid range to high end motherboards come with a black PCB and more than likely there is copper heat pipes keeping your chipsets and CPU power delivery system cool. Titan has EVOlved their original concept into a cooler to match almost 75% of the boards made. This is a good thing, I mean you can get black nickel coated coolers, but those will tend to oxidize and show finger prints. Titans black anodized fins don't show near the same amount of prints, and still looks as it did when I pulled it out of the box. Sandwiching the band of ten gold fins into the body of the cooler is a nice look, but likely isn't going to be seen in a typical case. The big gold Fenrir logo will though, so you do still get that to match the fan.

I am all for manufacturers trying to offer tower coolers that perform well, better than average in this case, but in doing so, the fan doesn't make your ears bleed. It used to be that in order to attain good cooling on most of the older designs, you needed a 90+ CFM fan to make it happen and two work even better. After years of my right ear taking abuse from the various coolers I used to use, it makes me happy that I can actually recommend budget friendly, silent coolers now. It used to be that you had to go to coolers like the Noctua line up and prepare to spend a fair bit more to do so. Today coolers like the Titan Fenrir EVO offer silent operation and at a very efficiency level. Just think, if silence isn't an issue to you, you can find yourself that 100+ CFM Delta fan and temperatures will get even better.

The Fenrir EVO is nice to look at, easy to install on both AMD and Intel motherboards, and offers very low noise levels. If, when it does hit the shelves, it stays around the $50 the first two versions are priced at, The Fenrir EVO is a formidable foe to coolers like the Jing, Frio, V6GT and sits just behind the H50. For me that list has its issues. The Jing is green, but is still silent, the Frio is black, but noisy and the same can be said for the V6GT. The H50 is in a slightly different league as it may fit where the Fenrir EVO cannot, but the EVO is definitely cheaper. It's good to see that the Frenrir EVO, even with its new ultra silent fan, still can outperform the original. If I were in the market for a slick looking cooler with very little noise and efficiency in the top half of our listings, I would definitely add the Titan Fenrir EVO to my list of coolers to buy.

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