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HighPoint's New SAS/SATA DAS RAID Storage Solution delivers 4GB/s Performance!

Posted Nov 18, 2013 @ 22:30 CST

November 2013 - Milpitas, CA -HighPoint Technologies, a pioneering force in the storage industry for the past 18 years, launches a groundbreaking new breed of storage controller designed for high-speed applications: the RocketRAID 2720C2 6Gb/s SAS/SATA Cross-Sync RAID Solution.




HighPoint's 6Gb/s Cross-Sync RAID Solution aims to revolutionize DAS applications. Cross-Sync synchronizes up to two RocketRAID 2720C2 controller cards to work as a single RAID storage unit. The Cross-Sync RAID Solution provides 16 SAS/SATA6Gb/s Ports over a Dual PCIe x8 Host Interface, and is capable of delivering up to 4GB/s of transfer performance!


Tuned for High-Speed Applications: Cross-Sync Delivers 4GB/s Storage Performance!


HighPoint's Cross-Sync RAID Solution eliminates the performance bottlenecks associated with high-port count controllers, allowing the RocketRAID 2720C2 HBA's to fully exploit the Dual PCIe 2.0 host x8 interface, and operate at their full potential. 16-disk Cross-Sync RAID configurations are capable of delivering transfer performance over 4.0GB/s - ideal for professional HD media projects, video streaming devices, and A/V post production workstations.


Dynamic Storage Expansion


The RocketRAID 2720C2 Cross-Sync RAID Solution delivers an unprecedented level of flexibility and control; solution providers and administrators can custom tailor, scale, and fine-tune storage configurations to suit any platform and application. The Cross-Sync RAID Solution can link up to 2 storage controllers for high-performance 16-disk RAID arrays, or as many as 4 storage controllers for large-scale 32-disk JBOD configurations.


Advanced features such as Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) and Online RAID Level Migration (ORLE) allow clients to expand, upgrade or convert existing storage configurations as needed without compromising data.


The Cross-Sync RAID Solution maximizes the performance of small-footprint storage configurations, and is ideal for compact storage chassis and workstation environments.


Rocket 2720C2 Cross-Sync RAID Solutions double the performance of SAS Expander configurations and are capable of supporting up to 128 storage devices.


Comprehensive Platform Support


The RocketRAID 2720C2 Cross-Sync RAID Solution utilizes industry-standard Mini-SAS connectivity for maximum compatibility. The PCI-Express 2.0 host interface and low-profile form-factor allows Cross-Sync HBA's to be easily integrated into any workstation or server PC platform, and industry standard 3.5" or 2.5" storage chassis.


Complete RAID & Storage Management Suite


HighPoint delivers a comprehensive selection of intuitive management interfaces for all computing platforms and operating systems. These streamlined interfaces simplify the RAID configuration process and provide user-friendly controls for every setting and configuration option imaginable, and allow administrators to monitor the health of host-to-target storage devices and RAID configurations on-site or remotely.


The Web-based management interface allows administrators to login remotely via an internet connection or local network, and configure Email notification to inform one or more administrator of changing storage conditions while in the field.


Availability and Pricing

The RocketRAID 2720C2 RAID Solution is set to release in the first half of November 2013, and will be available from HighPoint's world-wide network of Distribution and Retail channels.




North American MSRP: USD $400

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