NVIDIA rumored to ONLY launch GeForce RTX 5090 this year, possible unveiling at Computex 2024

NVIDIA's new ultra-enthusiast GeForce RTX 5090 rumored to be the only RTX 50 series GPU released this year, rest of the Blackwell gaming GPUs come in 2025.

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NVIDIA's next-generation ultra-enthusiast GeForce RTX 5090 graphics card is rumored to be the ONLY new Blackwell-based gaming GPU released this year according to the latest leaks.

NVIDIA rumored to ONLY launch GeForce RTX 5090 this year, possible unveiling at Computex 2024 22

In a new video from Moore's Law is Dead, one of his sources reportedly from NVIDIA, said that they had the impression that NVIDIA is only going to be launching the GeForce RTX 5090 this year, adding that they were "NOT 100% sure". MLID's source said that either way, the "good news is that it is sounding more and more likely that it (the RTX 5090) will be unveiled at Computex, and be for sale in early Q4 of this year".

We've previously heard rumors that the new GeForce RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 graphics cards would be launched at Computex in early June, but just the RTX 5090? Makes sense. The RTX 5090 is going to be an absolute beast when up against the current-gen RTX 4090... and the RTX 5080 will have to be better than the RTX 4090, but not by too much.

So, let's ponder: NVIDIA launches the GeForce RTX 5090 for $1999 and it has a 50%+ performance boost across the board in rasterization over the RTX 4090, and 2-3x performance improvements with new DLSS (4) and ray tracing. This means the RTX 5080 has to be at least $500-$700 cheaper, to not stomp all over the RTX 4090 in performance, and most of all: price.

Once the RTX 5090 launches, every high-end enthusiast PC gamer will want one. This will force the RTX 4090 out of the equation, and once stock of them dwindles worldwide, NVIDIA can launch the RTX 5080 at something like $1299-$1499.

There will still be RTX 4090s on the market when the RTX 5080 launches, but NVIDIA already has a bunch of great $1000-$1500 cards: RTX 4080, RTX 4080 SUPER, RTX 4090. The RTX 5080 will beat all of those cards, but it won't touch the RTX 5090 -- just like the RTX 4080 falls short in speed (and VRAM) to the RTX 4090.

Launching the RTX 5090 first will be an interesting, and probably very welcomed move by NVIDIA. Effectively saying "here's the very best if you want it, and if you don't or can't afford it, our RTX 40 series GPUs still kick ass".

MLID source 1 said: So, I know this is annoying... but now I (NVIDIA) am getting the impression that we may just launch the RTX 5090 this year, though I am NOT 100% sure. Either way, the good news is that it is sounding more and more likely that it will be unveiled at Computex, and be for sale by early Q4 of this year.

Source 2 said: I (AIB) was told by NVIDIA that Q3 or Q4 will be when the "next series" will launch to desktop, and also that it should be announced at Computex. However, I have not been told which card(s) would be ready in 2024, only that there would be at least one ready.

Source 3 said: (OEM) based on where we are in testing Blackwell, I would estimate that the laptop lineup is maybe 1-2 months behind in development compared to where Lovelace was at this point in 2022. And remember, I am only working on the laptop dies. So, in other words, I have no clue when the 5090 or 5080 desktop GPUs will be ready, but the laptop lineup isn't ahead of schedule or anything. Oh, and the heat resistance on the laptop 5090 & 5080 dies are the same. This suggests the laptop 5080 uses GB203! I can also confirm that even some mobile chips we are testing use GDDR7 and PCIe 5.0.

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