Waiting for NVIDIA to release an RTX 4090 Ti GPU? Sorry, it's not happening, leaker claims

Kopite7kimi has been quiet for a time on the subject of NVIDIA, but we're now told that any plans for an RTX 4090 Ti graphics card have been scrapped.

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NVIDIA no longer plans to make an RTX 4090 Ti graphics card, we're told by a well-known leaker with their ear to the ground in the GPU industry.

There won't be a supercharged flagship Lovelace GPU - indeed, if there ever were firm plans for a 4090 Ti - or so Kopite7kimi informs us.

What we might get, though, is new versions of the RTX 4070 and 4060 made with "low-grade AD103 and AD106 chips."

The leaker wouldn't be drawn to comment on what form those graphics card variations might take (such as China-only releases, for example - which as VideoCardz, which spotted this, points out, is probably the most likely possibility here).

It's no real surprise that NVIDIA might not want to produce an RTX 4090 Ti. After all, do we really need anything more powerful (and expensive) than the RTX 4090 for gaming right now? Not really (and NVIDIA certainly doesn't have to worry about any competition for the top-end GPU crown).

Perhaps more to the point, NVIDIA would likely prefer to focus its high-end development on making heavyweight GPUs (for AI usage), which are apparently in great demand in the current market, and have massive potential for profit. (Much more so than any GeForce graphics card, of course).

We can take it from the tumbleweeds around a potential RTX 4080 Ti that this pepped-up flavor isn't in the cards, either. Just the aforementioned new spins on the lower-tier Lovelace models, in whatever incarnation they might manifest. They'll likely be nothing exciting (and the gaming public has already shown a decided lack of interest in any of the RTX 4060 models).

In a further tweet, Kopite7kimi drops a small nugget about the next-gen flagship GPU for NVIDIA - the RTX 5090, presumably - and we're told that this will have a 512-bit memory interface. There's no word on the actual VRAM loadout though, but doubtless a lot of the spec is still very up in the air at this point.

We are told that multiple sources believe that a 512-bit bus will be in place for the RTX 5090, though (add even more salt here, though, than with the Lovelace rumors).

In other recent NVIDIA news, we have seen the RTX 4090 tested to its limits by Remnant 2, where the flagship graphics card struggles to hit 60fps in 4K (with no ray tracing, mind). Although it's fair to say this game is an outlier, and has performance issues for sure (which are also seen on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in certain scenarios, as we discuss here).

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