How to recover deleted files - Top 10 data recovery tools

Here's the top 10 data recovery software for your PC, with Stellar Data Recovery leading the list -- for both Windows and Mac.

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We've all been there... that heart-wrenching moment when something has happened on your PC and you think you've lost it all -- documents, photos, videos, precious files that you thought you'd have forever. Gone in an instant.

Well, not anymore -- not with Stellar Data Recovery.

Stellar Data Recovery is available for both Windows and Mac and easily lets you recover up to 1GB of lost or even deleted data on Windows for free. You can use Stellar Data Recovery to retrieve lost data from a PC, laptop, external HDD, a RAID setup, or USB flash drive.

If it's something more serious and you can't recover it yourself with the help of software, then Stellar Data Recovery goes a step further by letting you send in your data (on your HDD, laptop, etc) with Stellar having InLab services with large facilities that you can send your drive to and then they'll recover your data.

Better yet, Stellar Data Recovery is available for both Windows and Mac -- it'll let you secure your data and retrieve it super easily. You can preview the files before you save them, retrieve any file format between PDF and Word documents, emails, pictures, and everything in between.

Are your files behind the BitLocker encrypted drive? That's not a tough task for Stellar Data Recovery, as it'll back up your data from the encrypted drive just like it would with any other non-encrypted drive.

Formatted your drive? Corrupted volume? Once again, that's not a problem for Stellar Data Recovery. Even if the drive is detecting in that anxiety-inducing "RAW" mode... you'll be able to secure your data.

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  1. Recover deleted files with ease and 1Gb data absolutely free, also software recover from simple word file to big RAID machines data with ease.
  2. Stellar provides world's first premium tool with video and photo repair capability
  3. Unlike other competitors, for crashed or damaged storage medias Stellar has InLab services with class 100 room facility, so customer can send their drive to stellar and they will recover your data

Now... the paid version of Stellar Data Recovery is like a huge upgrade for your data recovery needs as you get the different feature set with the premium/professional and paid versions of the software. Here you can use the Deep Scan capabilities to scan and locate all lost partitions, repair corrupt videos -- such an awesome feature, by the way -- recover data from a crashed system and even repair corrupt photos.

If you're rocking out with a high-end RAID setup then that's fine, as Stellar Data Recovery will be able to recover your lost data from a failed, or even completely broken RAID array. Using a virtual drive?

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Once again you're OK -- Stellar Data Recovery can recover data from Linux and Mac drives having HFS, HFS+, ext2, ext3, ext4 file systems. It also gets back your data from Virtual Drives bringing native support for recovery from VMDK, VDI, VHD and VHDX files.

Storing data on 4K HDDs with large-sized sectors of 4096 bytes, is once again handled without an issue with Stellar Data Recovery -- and during that data recovery process, you'll find yourself with dual-monitor support, too.

There are plenty of other data recovery solutions available, with the list above a comprehensive list of data recovery solutions -- however, Stellar Data Recovery is an A-grade version of data recovery software that isn't locked behind a paid version.

  • Stellar Data Recovery
  • Recuva
  • Ontrack data recovery
  • Easeus Data Recovery
  • Disk Drill
  • Wondershare RecoverIT
  • Minitool
  • R studio data recovery
  • Prosoft data rescue
  • Remo data recovery

The free version is robust, and the paid version is even better... let us know how you go with your data recovery efforts!

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