Xiaomi's new 200W phone charger teased, probably won't catch fire

Xiaomi goes for gold by announcing insane new 200W wired charging tech: full charge in 8 minutes for 4000mAh battery... my god.

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Xiaomi has just come back from the future, and unveiled its absolutely insane 200W wired charging technology for smartphones... yes, you read that right -- 200W wired charging.

Not only do they have 200W wired charging up their sleeve, but also 120W wireless charging which is equally as bonkers. The new 200W wired charging from Xiaomi on their in-house Realme X2 Pro smartphone and its 4000mAh battery can have it charged up from 0-100% in just 8 minutes flat... there are no words.

Hell, the 120W wireless charging can charge up the 4000mAh battery in just 15 minutes which will blow virtually every other fast-charging smartphone in the world over. Apple's latest flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung's flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra don't even come close to that with their respective fast-charging technologies.

Apple's flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max has up to 15W fast-charging with the right cable, while Samsung's flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra has up to 25W fast-charging with the right power adapter and cable. Both of these are additional purchases on top of the respective handsets.

I'm keen to see and hear more about Xiaomi's impressive 200W ridiculously fast charging technology, but more so play with it myself and hopefully not catch fire in the process.

Xiaomi's new 200W phone charger teased, probably won't catch fire 03

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