Nolo prepping a standalone VR headset for companies to rebrand

Nolo is apparently building a standalone VR headset for other businesses to rebrand. Could this be competition for Quest 2?

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VRFocus reports that Nolo is preparing an ODM (original design manufacturer) standalone VR headset for companies interested in getting into the VR device market without the upfront R&D costs.

Nolo prepping a standalone VR headset for companies to rebrand 01

Nolo has been around in the VR space for several years now, and the company has carved out a nice niche within the market. Nolo builds an aftermarket tracking solution that can convert any VR headset into a 6DoF system with motion controllers.

Nolo's SodarTraq tracking system uses ultrasonic technology for its positional tracking, which usually requires a tracking ball that attaches to the headset. Nolo's ODM headset will include this tracking system embedded into the device. The headset also includes dual front-facing cameras, which support SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) positional tracking for headset positioning.

Nolo has not released specifications for the headset, so it's unclear what kind of processing power this headset has. And we don't know what kind of display it will include. So, it's not clear that this would be a direct competitor for Oculus, but it could be.

The single promo image reveals that the headset would include a pair of motion controllers that look similar to those that come with the Oculus Quest 2.


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