Japan's largest contact lens maker signed a deal to build AR contacts

Mojo Vision and Menicon formed a partnership to develop manufacturing technologies for augmented reality contact lens production.

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Menicon, Japan's largest contact lens manufacturer, just signed a deal with Mojo Vision to build augmented reality contact lenses. Yes, you read that right. Augmented reality contact lenses are a real thing.

Japan's largest contact lens maker signed a deal to build AR contacts 01

Mojo Vision is trying to create the worlds' first augmented reality smart contact lens. If any company can pull off Mojo Vision's crazy idea, it's Menicon. It is the perfect partnership and perhaps the only pairing that could pull off this incredible feat. Mojo Vision and Menicon plan to run feasibility studies to evaluate production and manufacturing processes.

"This agreement with Mojo is a key step forward in our expansion of Menicon's technology initiatives," commented Dr. Hidenari Tanaka, president of Menicon Co., Ltd. "Menicon has been a pioneer in contact lenses for 70 years, and we constantly strive to improve the quality of life of contact lens wearers worldwide. Mojo is an innovative company with a technology platform and a vision for the future of contact lens wear that aligns with Menicon's aspirations. We believe that both companies can bring together skill sets and technologies that will support the successful development of a truly breakthrough product."

Mojo Vision is well on its way to developing the technology that goes into the Mojo Lens, and it's well funded to do so. The company raised $51 million in a Series-B funding round earlier this year. Including the founding investment and Series-A funding, it has to date brought in $159 million to build the technology that goes into Mojo Lens.

Japan's largest contact lens maker signed a deal to build AR contacts 02

"Our development agreement with Menicon is a significant step forward for Mojo and Mojo Lens," said Drew Perkins, CEO and co-founder of Mojo Vision. "While we continue making progress in developing our smart contact lens technology, our collaboration with Menicon will provide us valuable insights that can accelerate our progress. Menicon's team of seasoned professionals will bring significant contact lens research and development expertise to Mojo. We look forward to a long, productive working relationship."

Mojo Vision said that it developed multiple "breakthrough technologies" to create Mojo Lens, such as the world's smallest and densest MicroLED display, which offers 14k pixels per inch for incredible display clarity. The MicroLED is embedded in the center of a lens, putting it right in front of your retina. Mojo Vision said it's imperceivable to your vision because it sits so close to your eye that you can see right past it.

The Mojo Lens is built on a scleral-type contact lens, which is a large lens that rests on the white part of your eye. Mojo Vision uses that space to house the other components, such as tiny bio-safe batteries, eye-tracking cameras, and image sensors.

The Mojo Lens technology is still in development and is not yet available for sale. Mojo Vision has not said when it expects to bring Mojo Lens to market, but it's working with the FDA's Breakthrough Access Program to use the technology for medical purposes.

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