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Here's how to prepare to move your existing PS4 game library to PS5

Managed to score a PlayStation 5 pre-order? Here's how to prepare to move your existing PS4 game library to PS5 and save data.

Published Nov 5, 2020 5:07 PM CST   |   Updated Fri, Dec 4 2020 11:32 PM CST

If you're one of the lucky ones who managed to secure a PlayStation 5 pre-order ahead of next week's release date, here's how to prepare to move your existing PlayStation 4 library across and save data. If you've got a brutally-fast internet connection, you might not be too worried about re-downloading your current library. For the rest of you, there's plenty of other options.

Games and Applications

- Network

Sony offers a Data Transfer feature to transfer your data via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

  1. Ensure your PS4 is updated to the latest system software. To manually update, go to Settings > System Software Update > Upgrade Now.
  2. Connect your PS5 to the same network as your PS4 or connect them directly with an Ethernet cable.
  3. Follow the prompts on the PS5.
Here's how to prepare to move your existing PS4 game library to PS5 1 |

You will be able to continue using your PS5 while the Data Transfer runs in the background.

- External hard drive

If your PS4 games are already installed on an external hard drive, you can connect the drive to your PS5 and start playing immediately. If not, you can connect any USB 3.0 external hard drive with between 250GB and 8TB capacity. To format an external hard drive for use on your PS4, connect the drive and go to Settings > Devices > USB Storage Devices > Format as Extended Storage.

To move games to the external hard drive, go to Settings > Storage > System Storage > Applications. Select the game you want to move, press the Options button on the controller, and select Move to Extended Storage. Sony recommends using an external hard drive to store your PS4 games to keep your PS5's internal SSD available for PS5 games which require it.

- Download

If you have purchased games from the PlayStation Store, you can log in to the same account on your PS5 and download them via Game Library or the PlayStation Store.

Save Data

- Network

If you're planning on using the Data Transfer option for your games, your saved data will be transferred simultaneously.

- PlayStation Plus

If you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, you can use the Online Storage feature to transfer your saved data. You can use up to 10GB of Online Storage, which should be more than enough for all your saved data.

If you don't have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, we highly recommend you get one. Plus subscribers get free access to PS5 launch title Bugsnax and the PlayStation Plus Collection, which includes 19 of the best games from the PS4, many of which will be updated with higher resolutions, higher frame rates, and significantly improved loading times thanks to optimizations for the PS5 SSD.

To upload your saved data to Online Storage, go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data on System Storage, then select Upload to Online Storage. You can also enable the Auto-Upload feature by going to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Auto-Upload, then selecting Enable Auto-Upload. To check the progress of your save data uploads, go to Notifications > Uploads.

- External hard drive

You can also use a USB thumb drive here without worrying about the 250GB minimum necessary for storing games. Note: you'll need to be logged in to the same PlayStation account on both consoles. To copy your saved data to an external drive, go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage.

For details on all the games arriving on the PlayStation 5, check out PlayStationDB.

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