Quest 2 Infinite Office is a science fiction productivity environment

Facebook's Infinite Office turns your Oculus Quest into a private, portable, distraction-free workplace for telecommuting.

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Last week,Facebook revealed Quest 2, the company's next standalone VR headset. Facebook is betting big on Quest 2, and the company is making an effort to give you a reason to justify the purchase. Not only is Quest 2 an excellent gaming platform, but Infinite Office will also make it a great productivity tool.

Quest 2 Infinite Office is a science fiction productivity environment 01

Facebook's Infinite Office is not yet available but got a bit of a preview last week at Facebook Connect. VR companies have always touted the productivity benefits of VR, such as group collaboration and the ability to customize your workspace. Productivity tools were on the roadmap for Oculus products, but the global pandemic and the current work-from-home reality that many of us are living accelerated the rollout.

With Infinite Office, you'll be able to use a Quest 2 headset to do your everyday work. The platform offers a multi-window solution that facilitates multitasking. You can have a browser window open next to a document that you're working on, along with a chat window to keep in contact with co-workers.

Infinite Office supports hand controls for easy, intuitive navigation between digital assets. Facebook also partnered with Logitech to bring keyboards into VR. Facebook uses the Quest 2's tracking cameras also to keep track of your keyboard location and software replicates the device in VR so you can easily access it without taking the headset off.

Infinite Office also uses the tracking cameras for passthrough vision so you can see what's going on around you in the room. If you prefer, you can switch to a virtual environment to free you from home distractions.

Facebook's Infinite Office is part of its Oculus for Business platform, which offers VR solutions for enterprise companies. There is no word of Infinite Office coming to consumers, but we would guess that it would eventually be available for everyone with an Oculus device.


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