Fortnite made $126m on PC last month, PUBG made $103m

Fortnite made more money on the PC than Battlegrounds last month.

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Battlegrounds took most of the headlines last year, making hundreds of millions of dollars and setting new records every other week for concurrent players on Steam but it seems Fortnite has been playing catch up, in a big way.

According to the latest data from research company SuperData, Epic Games' shooter is bigger than PUBG when it comes to viewers and revenue. Last month, Fortnite made a huge $126 million on the PC while Battlegrounds was only capable of drawing in $103 million.

Fortnite is a free-to-play game, but its Save the World mode starts at $40. The Battle Royale side of Fortnite is free which provides it with a larger player base, while Epic makes money from adds on using its virtual currency, of which you can buy cosmetic items and seasonal battle passes.

Battlegrounds on the other hand costs $30, and then lets you spend money on items in the game.

SuperData says that Fortnite is more successful than PUBG at the moment because it is much easier to get into (see: FREE) and has cartoon-style graphics. It makes it much more accessible to kids than realer-looking graphics in Battlegrounds, which makes sense.

Fortnite made $126m on PC last month, PUBG made $103m |

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