Xbox owners can pre-download Xbox One X 4K textures

Existing Xbox One owners can pre-download 4K texture updates to their consoles to prepare for Xbox One X.

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Microsoft aims to make the transition to Xbox One X as easy and painless as possible.

Xbox owners can pre-download Xbox One X 4K textures 311

The new $499 Xbox One X is capable of running specific Xbox One games in native 4K resolution, but in order to do so, gamers must first download the required 4K texture packs and updates. Seeing as these textures are quite huge and can wreak havoc on monthly data caps, Microsoft is allowing existing Xbox One owners to pre-download 4K texture updates so they don't spend the whole Xbox One X launch day downloading content. Not every game on the list of 100+ Xbox One X enhanced games will have 4K texture packs available for pre-download, however, and Microsoft hasn't stipulated an exact list.

The company has come up with three different strategies to make the Xbox One to Xbox One X upgrade transition as seamless as possible including: backing up existing Xbox One settings to an external storage device; pre-downloading 4K texture updates and enhancement patches for specific games; allowing users to transfer games and content from one console to the Xbox One X over a home network. Users who already have their games on an external hard drive can simply plug the HDD into the Xbox One X and access their games library. Of course if the Xbox One X is the first Xbox you own, you'll have to download all the updates like normal.

"We have over 100 games with Xbox One X enhancements. One of the things we want to do is, for some of those games, get you all those updates before Xbox One X launches so that when you get your console you plug it in and you're in those awesome amazing games," said Xbox and Windows Platform at Microsoft ‎Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra.

Back up your settings

Copy the settings on this Xbox to an external storage device. When you're ready to start up your new Xbox, connect your storage device and applly your settings during setup.

Prepare for 4K

Download 4K content for your install games ahead of time. Then plug in your external storage device or transfer them over your home network.

Turn on network transfer

Allow the console on your network to copy games and apps from this console

Microsoft's new 4K-ready Xbox One X console launches on November 7, 2017 for $499. Check our content index for a massive amount of coverage on the system.

Xbox owners can pre-download Xbox One X 4K textures 314

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