Exploding Beats headphones aren't Apple's fault

Apple is blaming third-party manufacturers for its exploding Beats headphones.

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The world went a little crazy when Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone was exploding last year over faulty batteries, and now its main competitor is experiencing similar exploding products.

Beats, which is owned by Apple, has been in the news with an Australian woman waking up on a flight between Adelaide, South Australia and Hong Kong by the sound of an explosion, and a burning sensation on her face. Adelaide Now reports: "The woman, whose face, hands and hair were burned, had sought to be reimbursed to replace her headphones and several items of ruined clothing".

Exploding Beats headphones aren't Apple's fault | TweakTown.com

The report continued: "She says she bought the headphones duty-free in 2014 and the AAA batteries in Australia. She says she was extremely disappointed with Apple's decision". The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, said: "The headphones don't work without batteries, yet nowhere on the headphones - or their packaging - did it specify which brand of batteries should be used".

Engadget reports that this isn't the first time Beats has had battery-related problems, with the site pointing out that in 2015, "Apple recalled the Beats Pill XL speaker because it had a tendency to overheat and risk starting a fire in some rare cases".

On a side note: this is the second event that has originated from my home town of Adelaide, South Australia. First, one of our local AFL teams being the first professional Australian sports team to buy an eSports team. The Adelaide Crows recently purchased Legacy, one of the best CS:GO teams in Australia.

NEWS SOURCE:engadget.com

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