PS4 Pro leads Google searches ahead of Switch, Scorpio

Nintendo enjoyed a massive spike when Switch was unveiled, but Sony wins 2016's searches on Google with PS4 Pro.

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I'll be looking at Google Trends data more closely going into 2017, as I started looking at Google search data not too long ago between AMD Vega and NVIDIA Volta - and thought I'd do the same with the next-gen consoles.

PS4 Pro leads Google searches ahead of Switch, Scorpio 05

Looking at the Google Trends data for 'Nintendo Switch', 'PS4 Pro', and 'Xbox Scorpio' - which do you think comes out on top? Well, you can see the massive spike in Google searches on October 20 when Nintendo unveiled its next-gen Switch console officially... but Sony continued its path to victory with the PS4 Pro, where Google searches spiked on November 10, the day the PS4 Pro launched.

I thought Xbox Scorpio would follow in the #2 spot behind Nintendo Switch, but I was flat out wrong - speaking of flat, that yellow line at the bottom that is nearly invisible, represents Xbox Scorpio. Microsoft will need to ramp its hype and marketing machines for Xbox Scorpio if it wants to dominate in 2017 - with the latest rumor that it will be priced at $399 (which myself and Derek here at TT do not think will happen) - but the rumors of a delay in 2018... well, that could very well happen if Microsoft can't tweak Scorpio before Q4 2017.

PS4 Pro leads Google searches ahead of Switch, Scorpio 06

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