Google DeepMind AI beats world Go champion 4-1, donates $1m to charity

Google AlphaGo AI defeats Go world champion Lee Sedol 4-1 in historic series, Google donates $1 million to various charities.

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The AlphaGo AI created by Google's DeepMind division yesterday lost its first Go match to world champion Lee Sedol in a five-game series. Commentator Song Taegon remarked that Sedol had developed a better understanding of his opponent, making for a highly anticipated game 5. Sedol was beaten again, although it seems to have been a much tighter game, with commentators going back and forth right until the end about who was on top.

"It was difficult to say at what point AlphaGo was ahead or behind," said Michael Redmond, 9-dan, American commentator. "A close game throughout. AlphaGo made what looked like a mistake with move 48, similar to the mistake in Game Four in the middle of the board. After that AlphaGo played very well in the middle of the board, and the game developed into a long, very difficult end game."

Google DeepMind AI beats world Go champion 4-1, donates $1m to charity 2

With victory in hand, Google DeepMind will donate $1 million to UNICEF, science, technology, engineering, and math charities, and Go organizations.

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