What does Intel's Core i3 Clarkdale on-CPU IGP look like? Look here!

You'll see all sorts of things in Taiwan.

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When you are traveling around Taiwan all of the time looking here and there, you see all sorts of different things.

Recently we ran into something out and about looking kind of strange. On closer inspection, we released just what we were looking at. If you've been following Intel's CPU plans, you'll know that early next year they intend on coming out with more Core i5 processors and also a line of entry-level Core i3 processors.

These processors will use the Intel Clarkdale processor core built on 32nm technology and what's different about them is it will be the first time we see Intel bolt on a graphics chip to the CPU itself. Users interested in running this type of CPU will either need to buy an upcoming Intel H55 or H57 chipset, which includes the required framework for the graphics to work.

Anyway, enough talk. What you see below is a picture of a Clarkdale processor with the thermal cover protector removed exposing everything. The top chip is the CPU core and the larger, bottom chip is the 45nm based graphics controller with the memory interface controller.

What does Intel's Core i3 Clarkdale on-CPU IGP look like? Look here! | TweakTown.com

We'll keep looking around and see what else we can spot on our journey.

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