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This is not intended as a step by step walkthrough; most of the more obvious or subtle tasks in Runaway 2 are not mentioned here at all - it's mostly just the items and actions needed to solve the major puzzles with a few small tips and hints on the way. So basically I recommend you play the game normally, and if you get stuck, you should at the very least try to figure out what you need to do next, then consult this guide if you can't figure out how to do it. For example, this guide may be very handy if you know you need to modify a part of an item in your inventory, but you don't know how to do it.

This guide presumes you have an understanding of how Runaway 2 works, such as how to combine inventory items, how to use items on environment objects, how to use items in the environments, and so forth. It is somewhat in the order needed to finish a chapter, however this is not strictly the case for every step of the way as some items and tasks can be done in different order than shown below. At the end of the guide, there is a link to a forum thread where you can ask questions etc, however please make sure to read the guide first in case it is answered here.

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Chapter 1

- To keep the plane's front hatch open, you need to use Gina's hair clip (found in the main part of the plane) on the lever in the cabin.
- Once the hatch is open, make sure to grab everything you can from it. You will obtain an Antiskid spray can inside, which is used to make the rock in the quicksand area safe enough to climb without slipping.
- If you look in the quicksand, you'll find Otto's goggles, which Brian obtains by breaking off a branch by himself and reaching for them (you also get to keep the branch).
- To get rid of the pesky Lemur so you can cross the broken tree branch over the quicksand, you need to grab a Capote dog toy (found in the boxes in the back of the plane), fill it with whiskey (found in the cabin) which is done by dragging the whiskey over the dog in the inventory screen, and use the dog toy on the area around where the Lemur is first located before he runs away when you first visit the quicksand area. The Lemur will investigate the noise the active dog toy makes, drink the toy's whiskey urine, and knock himself out. You can now climb the rock and investigate the area near the forest edge.
- Inside the plane, just to the right under the "In case of accident PULL OUT" writing, there is a piece of broken glass. Pick it up, and use it on the goggles to cut the elastic off. Use the glass on the tree branch you got when picking up the goggles also. After the branch is cut, combine the elastic and branch. It will create a slingshot.
- Use the slingshot on the bag hanging in the trees over the plane. It will knock it down. When you have the bag, examine it in your inventory. You will find a broken key inside.
- Combine the mechanic's tool Brian picked up earlier on the magnifying glass. This will make the handle longer and easier to use. Use the tool/magnifying glass combo on the beams of light coming through the tree tops outside the plane area. Brian will prop the magnifying glass up with a beam of light so it is easier to put something in the concentrated light's path. Use the broken key on the tool/magnifying glass combo Brian propped up to the right of the plane.
- Before trying the fixed key on the compartment lock, first use the glass shard on the key to remove the excess plastic created when melting the key together. Once this is done, use the key on the compartment lock, and get the snow shoes inside.
- Use the snow shoes on the rickety bridge. Brian will drop anything deemed unnecessary to lighten his weight for the trip across the bridge.

Chapter 2

- When you ask to speak with the Colonel, his son will leave his desk to inform him of your presence. When the dialogue is over, you will have a brief moment to do something to his son's desk before you are called in to see the Colonel. Choose to write on his notepad, and choose to write the first option about letting the girl they captured free. It doesn't work, but it does create some harmless conflict!
- You can find a chalkboard and a cigar holder in the Aloha Bar on Ludna Beach.
- You can find rope in Alaula Cove, just to the bottom left of Kai's hut.
- You will find a can of talcum powder under the right side of the same hut too.
- You will find a toolbox on the Miniature Dock, which you can access to the left of the screen when in Alaula Cove.
- You will find a stick of butter in the green container to the left of the stairs leading to the "Visitor Center" end of the large building on Ludna Beach.
- You can use the stick of butter on the cable in the "Surf Shack" on Ludna Beach. It will make it possible to remove.
- Use the chalkboard on the "Monk" in Ludna Beach so he can write his answers instead of just nodding or shaking his head.
- Give the rope to the soldier with the Hummer on Ludna Beach and tell him to show off his tree climbing skills for you. When he is up the tree, steal the photo from his book sitting on the Hummer's bonnet.
- While you're in the area with the soldier and the Hummer on the beach, first open your inventory and mix the talcum powder with the cigar holder. Now, take the cigar holder (which is half filled with talcum powder by now) and use it on the tree. This will take the sap from the tree and create the combination needed to create chalk, as described by the soldier. This is used when the "Monk" runs out of chalk initially.
- Use the Lemur you've been carrying around to try and get a token out from under the photo stand on Ludna Beach. He will get a token, but in return, he wants you to get a beer for him. Lucky a bar is right by! Well, not so lucky. Lokelani, the bar tender, wants you to confirm you were listening to her all the times before when she was baffling on about her ex's before giving you a free beer. Providing the questions don't change dynamically, the answers are: Milo, Lopati, Tiroo and Russell. Once you get the beer, give it to the Lemur under the photo stand and he will give you the token.
- When you've got the "Monk" to work on the mechanical bull, he will need a lubricant. Give him the stick of butter after you've got the cable in the "Surf Shack" free.
- To open up the basement doors in the area where you found the butter in the green bin, first you must use the cable on the wooden plank covering the doors (not the doors themselves), and then obtain the soldier's Hummer. To do this, you must again distract the soldier by asking him to climb the tree, and then take the unattended Hummer.
- When in the basement, enter the room under the stairs and you will find a metal detector.
- When operating the circuit board in the basement, you can give power to the Bucking Bronco and the Photo Stand by taking the power off from useless buildings, like the Seafood Kahuna and the Visitors Center.
- When you ask the soldier on Ludna Beach to get Aolani (Lokelani's pet bird) from the tree and he shoots it, take it to Kai who is from a long line of witch doctor's specializing in poultry revival. He won't be able to help instantly, but it is vital to do this to branch into further parts of the storyline.
- To find Kai's grandfather's hut, first you must go see the Colonel again, and when his son leaves his table, choose to write on his notepad, and choose to write down the "find co-ordinates to the hut" or similar option. When you leave the Colonel, go back again, and during the usual conversation between the father and son, Lionel, the son, will mention the co-ordinates, which Brian will automatically jot down on a piece of paper from the notepad.
- You will need a GPS to make sense of these co-ordinates. If you visit O'Connor, the solider on Ludna Beach, a new option will be available to ask him if he has a GPS you can borrow. He said he did have one, but a kid took it from him. That kid is Knife's son, Koala, who you can access now that Knife is off surfing on the mechanical bull. To take the GPS off Koala, you need to give him the Lemur and he gives up the GPS. You can now use the sheet of paper with the co-ordinates on the GPS in your inventory and it will bring you automatically to the hut, and will also add it to the list of locations you can now easily visit.
- Before Kai will help you resurrect Aolani in his grandfather's hut, you need to find his metal leg. He mentioned before Koala took it and used it as a shovel to dig in the sand. Use the metal detector you found in the basement of the Visitor's Center on the sand turtle Koala made just in front of the hut in Alaula Cove. Brian will find the leg here, which you then give to Kai.
- To find the metal cover spell book, you need to use the metal detector on Kai's grandfather's grave, which is to the right of his hut.
- To dig the book out of the grave, you need to find a turtle shell inside Kai's grandfather's hut and use it on the grave site.

Chapter 3

- You can find an ultra-strong plastic bag on the table to the right of the temple room.
- You can find a video camera in the boxes on the left wall of the temple room.
- You can find duct tape at the left end of the walkway closest to the screen above you.
- If you use the duct tape on the security camera just under this walkway while you are on the walkway, Brian will attach the video camera you found to it and record 5 minutes of footage showing you working, put it into loop mode, and override the security camera feed to trick the Colonel into believing you are working, allowing you to roam around without alarming him.
- When you go outside the temple, O'Connor will give you a package from Lokelani. It contains a ring. The ring can be used on the briefcase on the table in the temple room.
- When you make your way outside the temple again and talk to O'Connor, he'll reveal he knows your true identity. Use the neuralizer you found in the briefcase on him. Although it doesn't work, it does spit out three marbles.
- To make the glass around the ball disappear in the small dark room to the left of the temple room, you need to insert the card you found in the briefcase into the slot on the front side of the glass box in the middle.
- When the glass is gone, you can now put those three marbles you got after using the neuralizer in the three holes of the ball.
- After this, the ball will rise. Now use the glove out of the briefcase on the ball, and it will create two black hole portals.
- After experiencing the black hole, Brian is now more keen to study Simon's notes on the computer, after which he summarizes the possibilities of the black holes on a sheet of paper.
- When using the black holes, keep going back to Alaula Cove and talking to Joshua. Eventually you'll get him after the operation on Little Demon, and ask to borrow the tools he used on the operation. He will throw you a probe kit, but the glass like glove you use on the ball to create the black holes will break.
- Use the tools Joshua gave you to pick the lock on the lift controls in the main temple room. The lift controls are at the far right end of the suspended walkway.
- When you get inside the large statue's mouth, use the strong plastic bag you picked up before to grab the spider under the hat.
- You can find a can of "stenchazol" in the old bag stuck near the large boulder inside the statue's mouth.
- You can find a whip in the hand of the skeleton under the large boulder inside the statue's mouth.
- Use the toolkit Joshua gave you to get the lid off the stenchazol.
- If you go towards the far right end inside the statue's mouth, you will go to an opening which gives you a view of the next room over.
- To get Tarantula away from the gloves, you need to go to the small room just outside the main temple room (the room with the smaller witchdoctor statue), and use the stenchazol on the door heading towards the area that is guarded. This will attract her spiders to that area. Now, go up to the large statue's mouth again and to the area overlooking Tarantula, and let the spider you found under the hat loose in front of Tarantula, so it follows the stench, and she follows after the spider leaving the area unguarded.
- To get the walkie talkie, you need to go to the opening in the statue's head overlooking the coliseum and take it from the stone bench next to Tarantular's spider tank.
- To use the walkie talkie, first use the whip on the broken ear ring on the large statue when you are looking out of the statue's mouth but can't go down because the Colonel and Tarantular are below. Brian will say it is a good idea to get down "Indiana Jones style", but first he'd need to get rid of the guards below. He will then remember O'Connor said he was keeping channel 5 on his radio open to talk with his friend, and Brian will use the walkie talkie to tell O'Connor to distract the Colonel and Tarantular below., allowing him to escape to the room with the blackholes, back to Alaula Cove and into the boat.

Chapter 4

- You can find an Oil Dispenser and a wooden log inside the log cabin where you start Chapter 4.
- You can find a knife just to the right of the frying pan in the kitchen cabinet in here too.
- You can find a gas tank just outside the door of the log cabin you start in.
- You can find a large leaf on the small odd looking plant to the right of where Wazowski and his equipment are standing.
- You can find a bottle of bear essence, a hockey stick and a chainsaw in Wazowski's tower-top cabin (the one with the ladder) to the left of Simon's house.
- You can play and tune the guitar in Wazowski's cabin.
- You can find a rubber tube on the balcony at Wazowski's cabin. You should also turn on the oil lamp while you're up there.
- You can get gas out of the broken down pickup to the right of the cabin you started in by using the rubber tube on it.
- Now that you have gas in the gas tank you picked up, you can mix the oil in the oil dispenser you picked up with it to create the fuel needed for the chainsaw (use one on the other in your inventory).
- With the chainsaw fueled up, you can now use it to make a hole in the frozen river. This is done in the area to the left of where Wazowski is using his surveillance equipment, or below his tower-top cabin.
- You should talk to Joshua and ask him about his Japanese heritage. After this, you should then ask Wazowski whether he knows how to make salmon sushi. He will mention a disturbing sounding character named "Archibald" and how he bothered him when he was playing his guitar on his balcony. If you go and play the guitar now, it will attract Archibald's attention.
- You can get the bottle of bleach that Archibald threw at you by going back up onto the balcony.
- Archibald will give you a whistle which is used to call him. Use it on the area between the two large rocks to the right of Wazowsk's cabin legs to call him (i.e. the area he disappears in).
- If you use the whistle to call Archibald back right away, you will give him the leaf you found earlier to help in the ingredients needed to make salmon sushi.
- Inside Wazowski's cabin, on the door leading to the balcony, is a bamboo mat, which is one of the items needed by Archibald.
- If you use the wood log you picked up from the original cabin on the axe outside Wazowsk's cabin, it will create chopsticks, which is another item needed by Archibald. Now that you've used your first log to create chopsticks, you can grab another from the original cabin if you want.
- To get the moosehead off of the moose pizza mascot on top of pickup truck to the right of the original cabin, use the chainsaw on it.
- To turn the moosehead white, use the bleach on it in your inventory.
- To cut the eyes out of the moosehead, use the knife you picked up before on it in the inventory.
- Use the moosehead on Wazowski and he will "interact" with the bear fishing in the fishing hole you made.
- Wazowsk's interactions will fail until you swap the essence in his backpack with the one you took from his cabin before. You have to do it while Wazowsk is not present (i.e. while he is attempting to interact with the real bear), and you have to use the essence you have on the part of his backpack that specifically says "Trade Bottles" (one of the pouches on the right side).
- Now that the bear is gone from the frozen river area, you can try to use the fishing hole you made in the ice (unsuccessfully for the moment). Notice one of Wazowsk's bear gloves are on the ice. Use the hockey stick you picked up before to reach it.
- You also must use the hockey stick on the fishing hole, but by itself it is too slippery, so you must attach the bear glove to the hockey stick via the inventory screen and fish with the combination of the stick and glove.
- With the fish in hand, you can now call Archibald using the usual method and he will make you the sushi.
- After eating the sushi, Joshua will be ecstatic and accidentally run off onto loose ice and get himself stuck out in the lake near the cabin he was staying in. To get him back to the cabin, you must use the winch on the pickup truck next to the cabin. First, you must "use" the truck. Brian will try to start the engine, but it won't work. After this, you can now "open the hood" of the truck, but the rod that keeps the hood open is missing. Use the hockey stick on the hood to keep it open. You can now choose to "look at the engine". Brian will notice it doesn't have any spark plugs. To get some spark plugs, use the knife in your inventory on the chainsaw. After this, use the spark plug on the truck's engine. The engine should now start when you "use" the truck, and it will tow Joshua in to shore., finishing chapter 4.

Chapter 5

- A general tip for Chapter 5 - you will be doing a lot of talking. If you get stuck not knowing what to do next, try doing the rounds and chat to everyone again.
If you go to the Neptune Suite, you will be able to take the trident from the bronze Neptune statue.
- Just to the left of the diving suit in the hall way is an elevator. Use it, and you will meet up with Sushi, who gives you the password to the protected door in the hallway (0512).
- After you try to open the glass cases on the wall in the restricted area unsuccessfully, you can go ask Sushi for the key to them.
- After talking to Camille a few times, she will give you two bottles of wine.
- In the room where Dean and Camille are shooting a scene, all the way to the right of the room and down the back a little you will find a diving tube in a box, which you can actually get two of by going back for a second. At the moment, these are the only things you can pickup from this area.
- You can find a broom and a bag of sand on the boat deck where Rutger is (accessible from the room Sushi is in up the elevator).
- You can use the broom on the door in the cargo hull to keep it open. Brian will automatically find a bag of white plastic ties inside the 2nd cargo room.
- You can use the plastic ties on the diving tubes in your inventory to tie them together.
- After you've talked to Rutger, you will find Saturn in the Neptune Suite.
- Saturn instructs you to drain the tank in the cargo hold, which you can do by using the "shut off valve" in the cargo area.
- You can now go and get even more diving tubes to make a hose.
- To get the helmet off Rutger, you need to go back and forth between Rutger and Saturn (who are feuding) relaying their messages to each other. Eventually, if you relay the right ones (the sugarcoated positive spins on what they really said about each other), Rutger will ease up and give you the helmet.
- To get the magazine pages off of Dean, he first needs to eat lunch, and he won't do that until he gets his scene recorded, but he keeps forgetting his lines. To help him, you need to try and get Saturn's sketch pad, but he won't give it up until you give him an idea for an invention. This is where it gets a little odd - you first need to empty the wine jugs by using them on the "Staterooms" area of the hallway. This will tempt Brian to give them a taste and he ends up drinking the lot. Now that the wine jugs are empty, you can use the sand bag in your inventory on them and Brian will fill one half way with sand. Next, use the white plastic ties on the jugs, and Brian will create an hourglass by joining the two jugs together. Finally, if you use the trident you took from the Neptune statue on the hourglass, it will create your invention, a "watch fork".
- Now that you have your invention, you can give it to Saturn, and he will give you his new sketch pad.
- You can also take a pen from the mug on the left of the desk he is working on.
- Now that you have a pen, you can give Dean the sketchbook to help him remember his lines. He will give you the magazine pages after he is done.
- To get fresh water into the tank in the cargo hold, you must use your hose on the fire hydrant in the room near the glass panels on the wall (this may not be necessary as the game did it automatically for me, but I did try to use the hose on it earlier before getting the items Saturn needed so the game might have just been saving me some time). If this doesn't work, make sure you have enough hoses from the box in the area where Dean is.
- To clean the thing on the shipwreck, you need to get the brush end of the broom you used to keep the door in the cargo hold open. To do this, first go to the cargo hold, and you will notice under the stairs a toolbox that Saturn left there is open. Get the saw from the toolbox, and use it on the broom.
- Once you get the brush end from the broom, you will be unable to leave the cargo hold as the keypad combination no longer works. To get out of the cargo hold, you must first open the hatch on the roof by "using" it. Once it is open, if you use the stairs, Brian will climb out.
- Remember, to go back under water for whatever reason, just converse with Sushi and tell her you want to go under. 
- When you go back to the cargo hold to look for something to break the door in the wrecked ship open with, there is a crowbar in the next cargo room, but the broom holding the door is no longer there. To get into the room, you must go get Saturn's electro-magnetic devices and use them on the ceiling hatch in the cargo hold. Brian will open the hatch, and use the devices to climb over the wall and get into the room. Once he gets the crowbar, Brian will automatically go back down to the shipwreck and try and get the door open.

Chapter 6

- To your left there is a letter opener and paper weight you can grab.
- Use the letter opener on Camile, which she will use to give you the nail.
- Use the nail on the shackles on your ankle to break free.
- You can grab an empty bottle of grog off the table which you were shackled next to.
- You can grab a dragon's tongue from the jar to the right of the cabinet you were shackled to.
- You can get sunflower seeds on the floor of the cabin's balcony, which is to the left end of the cabin.
- If you feed the parrot the sun flowers, he will talk, but you will run out of seeds before he gets anywhere.
- Use the dragon tongue on the door, and then the paper weight on the tongue hanging from the door. It will allow Brian to launch the paper weight like a sling shot to knock out the pirate guarding the door.
- You can grab your paperweight again in the hallway where the guard was just under the stairs.
- Once the guard has been dealt with, you can go to "Husky Hound's office", which is up the hallway and to the right. If you talk to him, you will find he is the pirate in charge of grog rations, but he won't fill your jug up until you obtain a "certificate of low morale standing", which you can obtain from the cabinet in the captain's cabin after you've talked to Husky Hound at least once about it. But just getting the certificate isn't enough, you must pass 3 tests before he signs the certificate.
- You can take the "History of Classical Ruffianism" test by talking to Husky Hound. The answers for the "History of Classical Ruffianism" test are the following: "Long John Silver", "Doctor", "By inventing turtle surfing...". The last question is far more involved, and can be answered correctly by choosing "Wobblins and Cojuelo", "Wobblins", "Leclope and Passoromo", "Cojuelo" in order (please note the names mentioned are shorter versions of the actual names the game uses for this question).
- If you go to the cabin balcony, you can detach the window sill with the letter opener. This is a little tricky because it is hard to find - it is the area just to the bottom left of the right window where the nail is. Once you have the wood from the window sill, you can use it against the sword that comes out when you go near the door next to the skeleton in the hallway. This will allow you to enter the treasure room.
- When in the treasure room, "use" the treasure and you will take a gold statue. Take this statue and show Husky Hound. He will be impressed and you will pass another test.
- To pass the cruelty test, you need to bath Demon Dog, the lemur who was guarding the treasure room. To do this, first try to use Demon Dog on the water filled barrel in the hallway where the guard was. Brian will say something about adding another element to the barrel before doing this. He is referring to soap, which you can find in the junk cabinet next to Husky Hound. Once you have the soap, use it on the water barrel, and then use Demon Dog on the barrel to bath him.
- Show the now clean Demon Dog to Husky Hound, and he will say you've passed the cruelty test. Hand him the certificate you got from the cabinet in the captains cabin, and he will sign it. You can now get your jug filled with grog.
- If you go to the treasure room again and choose to get more loot, Brian will take everything, except a funnel. Go down to the floor and pick up the funnel.
- To get the parrot talking again you need more sunflower seeds, and to get more, you need to get the grog into the bottle hanging from above on the balcony, and to do this, you need to first put the window sill on again. This can be done by using the piece of wood you got from it before on the same area again, which Brian will nail in place. Now that the sill is in place, use the full jug of grog you have on the empty jug of grog hanging from above. Providing you picked the funnel up from the treasure room before, Brian will now fill the empty jug so the pirates above start eating sunflower seeds again.
- You can't pick up the sunflower seeds right away. Go back into the cabin, then back out onto the balcony, and you should be able to now.
- With more sunflower seeds, feed the bird to get more information by using them on him. He gives you clues about the Beacon's whereabouts.
- The clue's the parrot gives are referring to the globe in the captain's cabin. To unlock it, you need to start the globe on England (it should make a clicking noise), move it right until Japan (another clicking noise), move it left again until Newfoundland (another click), and then right again until you hear another click. This will reveal the Beacon. The game will show a final clip and credits, and the game is now over.

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