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Cuphead animated TV show happening at Netflix

Derek Strickland | Jul 12, 2019 at 03:20 pm CDT

Indie darling Cuphead makes for a great TV show, and Netflix agrees--that's why it's ordered an original series.

Cuphead animated TV show happening at Netflix |

Cuphead is pretty much a playable cartoon turned into a hard-as-nails platformer, featuring hand-drawn animations straight out of the 1930's. Now the beloved game is getting a fully-fledged animated show over at Netflix, complete with that distinct visual style of the golden age of cartoons.

"The game that has won the hearts and minds of fans with its gorgeous retro hand-animated style, crazy boss-brawls, and challenging gameplay will come to life on television for the first time ever in The Cuphead Show!. The new series will expand on the characters and world of Cuphead, with an animation style inspired by the classic Fleischer cartoons from the 1930s," reads the official Netflix press announcement.

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Magic: The Gathering fantasy series coming to Netflix

Derek Strickland | Jun 4, 2019 at 07:08 am CDT

Having adapted Castlevania and soon The Witcher and Devil May Cry, Netflix is taking aim at the age-old fantasy card game.

Magic: The Gathering fantasy series coming to Netflix |

Netflix is taking Magic: The Gathering's wide-sweeping lore and transforming it into an animated TV show, the company today announced. The new series will have an original storyline set around the sprawling Planeswalkers saga, and the promo image shows the fiery Chandra Nalaar, a pivotal character of the series. This image hints the show may be portrayed in CGI instead of more traditional animation.

Avengers directors the Russo brothers are overseeing the story, which is being written by The Clone Wars writer Henry Gilroy and The Tick's Jose Molina. The Russos also serve as executive producers of the show.

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Sony is making a Twisted Metal TV show

Derek Strickland | May 21, 2019 at 06:34 pm CDT

Sony's new PlayStation Productions label is going old-school with its first project.

Sony is making a Twisted Metal TV show |

Sony is baking PlayStation into nearly everything it does. It recently launched PlayStation Productions, a studio that'll work along Sony Pictures to adapt big first-party game franchises into TV shows and movies across its entertainment subscriptions. Sony's kicking things off with a surprising gem from PlayStation's early days: the carmageddon smash-up Twisted Metal.

At a recent Sony investor's meeting, Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra confirmed a Twisted Metal TV show is happening. "We have a TV show we just agreed to get underway that will be developed from the IP on PlayStation, it's called Twisted Metal. It's a game that was put out many years ago and we're going to develop a TV series around that."

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Sony's adapting big PS4 games into TV shows and films

Derek Strickland | May 20, 2019 at 04:38 pm CDT

With its next-gen PlayStation 5 on the way, Sony is accelerating development on its lucrative services to accompany the hardware jump and provide a foundation for long-term earnings. This new service-driven focus will include a merger of some of its biggest strengths, including films and gaming.

Sony's adapting big PS4 games into TV shows and films |

Today Sony announced PlayStation Productions, a new in-house branch that will turn its biggest wholly-owned gaming franchises into films and TV shows. Sony is in a unique position to pull this off. Sony Pictures and its subsidiaries are well-versed in production and distribution, and will help the new fledgling studio with its projects.

The new production company is a direct result of its new investment into PlayStation-driven services, and should offer exclusive shows and films to its entertainment subscriptions. A bit ago I predicted Sony could merge its gaming and film strengths into one cohesive service to create interactive experiences exclusively for the PlayStation 5. It appears this is what Sony is doing, minus the Bandersnatch-style interactivity.

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Rick and Morty season 4 set for holiday 2019

Derek Strickland | May 15, 2019 at 02:14 pm CDT

The wait is almost over: Rick and Morty's disturbingly hilarious antics will return this year.

Rick and Morty season 4 set for holiday 2019 |

Today the smartest man in the universe and Jerry's kid with the old Jewish comedy writer's name had an important announcement for the world: Rick and Morty Season 4 is set to premiere this November.

Details on the new season have been notoriously sparse, and fans have been waiting anxiously for about two years since season 3 premiered in 2017. The show's massive popularity led Warner Bros. to greenlit 70 more episodes of Justin Roiland's and Dan Harmon's ridiculous sci-fi romp, and history tells us season 4 should consist of 10 episodes. Hopefully we'll get more intergalactic cable segments.

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Disney now controls Hulu in sweeping streaming deal

Derek Strickland | May 15, 2019 at 11:58 am CDT

As if Disney wasn't big enough, the multimedia empire added Hulu to its strengthening streaming business as eyes Netflix's throne.

Disney now controls Hulu in sweeping streaming deal |

Today Disney and Comcast have entered in a deal which gives the House of Mickey Mouse full control over Hulu. The agreement says Comcast will sell its 33% ownership in Hulu to Disney by 2024, and meanwhile Disney will run the service as it now owns majority shares. Disney has agreed to pay at least $27.5 billion for Comcast's stake in the next five years.

Although Disney is expected to bundle its $6.99 a month Disney+ service with Hulu+ for extra value, the latter is set to lose some of its best shows. The new deal allows NBC Universal to pull all of its shows from Hulu in three years time and put them on its new competing subscription streaming service. Until then Disney will pay a premium to keep content like Saturday Night Live on Hulu.

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Saints Row is getting a movie adaptation

Derek Strickland | Apr 30, 2019 at 07:30 pm CDT

Saints Row is the latest video game to get adapted to the big screen. What's next, Grand Theft Auto?

Saints Row is getting a movie adaptation |

Koch Media is working alongside Fenix Studios and Occupant Entertainment to make a Saints Row film adaptation, Deadline reports. There's no word on which game in the four-title series will be adapted, but it's likely a mixture of of the first three Saints Row's gangland violence rather than the aliens-and-VR chaos of the fourth installment.

The movie will be directed by F. Gary Gray, who's responsible for directing films like the immortalized cult classic Friday, and more recently Fate of the Furious and Men in Black: International. Greg Russo, who's also working on a number of video game film adaptations like Mortal Kombat and a new Resident Evil, will write the script. No official details on the project have been revealed so far and the film is likely in pre-production phases of development.

New Twilight Zone gets second season on CBS All Access

Derek Strickland | Apr 29, 2019 at 05:40 pm CDT

Jordan Peele's new Twilight Zone series is doing pretty well, and CBS has ordered a second season for the show.

New Twilight Zone gets second season on CBS All Access |

Every 20 years or so, The Twilight Zone returns in some form. It's come back in the 1985 reboot, the first episode of which stars none other than Bruce Willis, and again in the 2000's for an ill-fated run of mostly forgettable episodes. Now it's 2019 and Rod Serling's immortalized outre anthology is back for another run, and Jordan Peele is helping craft it.

There's only one catch: the new Twilight Zone is locked behind CBS All Access' subscription paygate. This roadblock hasn't been an issue, though, and CBS says the show is actually doing well--so well that the show has been renewed for a new season. CBS says TZ 2019's debut episode was the most-watched in the subscription's history (the first episode was also available for free everywhere, even YouTube).

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Halo TV show will deliver character-focused storytelling

Derek Strickland | Apr 23, 2019 at 09:25 am CDT

Showtime's upcoming Halo TV series will unfold a dramatic story with lots of character development, and could fill in large chunks of John 117's backstory.

Halo TV show will deliver character-focused storytelling |

What makes icons like The Master Chief so legendary? Their exploits on the battlefield, of course, and Sierra 117 has no shortage of death-defying feats (Covies don't call him "Demon" for nothing). Now that we know 343i is focusing largely on character development, and that Master Chief will be a big part of the show, there's lots of potential ground to cover. The Halo TV show could tap Master Chief's chaotic missions and excursions with Blue Team across the Human-Covenant War, marrying explosive action with a uniquely dramatic story arc. There's so many possibilities.

In a recent interview with ShackNews, 343 Industries executive producer Kiki Wolfkill affirmed the Halo TV series will have strong emphasis on characters, creating a more human experience like Forward Unto Dawn. "When we do big live action pieces, we want more time to do what's harder for us to do in games. Things like character development and character focused story-telling. I think we've tried to do a lot of that in the games, but it's just a different medium," she said.

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'Pornstache' Mendez to play Master Chief in Halo TV show

Derek Strickland | Apr 17, 2019 at 05:16 pm CDT

Orange is the New Black and American Gods star Pablo Schreiber will play Master Chief in Showtime's upcoming Halo TV series.

'Pornstache' Mendez to play Master Chief in Halo TV show |

The Halo TV show has been in development hell for five years now. Originally announced in 2013, the series wasn't resurrected until 2018 when Showtime ordered a 10-episode season. Now after months of scriptwriting, delays, and swapped directors, the show is finally getting its biggest parts cast out.

The show's lead role, the iconic Master Chief, is being played by Pablo Schreiber, aka George "Pornstache" Mendez from Orange is the New Black.

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