Issues with new Xiaomi Mi AirDots stuttering, what's wrong?

Manaav from New Zealand is facing issues with his Xiaomi Mi AirDots stuttering, we try to help.

Question by Manaav from New Zealand | Answered by in Audio, Sound & Speakers on

I recently bought Xiaomi Mi AirDots online and received it yesterday.

I started watching videos with it and the audio started stuttering. It would stutter for around 3 seconds or more and stop and do it again after a few seconds. It's really annoying me and I was wondering if it has something to do with my Bluetooth connectivity or something else. I did accidentally drop both the airdots once but it was only on carpet so I don't understand what's wrong.

I would appreciate if any expert on Bluetooth earphones can help me out.

Hi Manaav,

As you know the 2.4GHz band is heavily trafficked and is used for a number of things including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. That being said, signal quality is going to depend on a lot of things including Bluetooth version in the earbuds and your smart device that's playing the music.

Issues with new Xiaomi Mi AirDots stuttering, what's wrong? 1

Bluetooth 5.0 is best. It's the latest technology and offers improvements in range over previous versions. Looking at the specifications, it does appear the airdots use Bluetooth 5.0 so as long as your smart device has it as well you are working with the best possible connection.

I'm guessing your issue has something to do with range. I would setup your device in a static location and within 1M of your airdots and play some music. Begin to move away from your device and note when you start hearing the music pause or skip. This should give you an idea of the range you are working with in your current situation.

If you are within a few meters and the music begins to skip, I would think about returning them as they may have a manufacturing defect.

Last updated: Nov 3, 2020 at 07:10 pm CST

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