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Ask the Experts Question: Recommended parts for a new gaming / photo editing PC?

Recommended parts for a new gaming / photo editing PC?

Faisal from Saudi Arabia is after recommendations for parts for a new gaming / photo editing computer system build

Question by Faisal from Saudi Arabia | Answered by Tyler Bernath in Computer Systems on Apr 7, 2020 at 7:33 pm CDT

I am looking to build a decent gaming PC (I really don't play games a lot but I do photo editing too). My main concerns when building:

- Budget up to $600 (without monitor, mouse, keyboard). - Case: I live in a dusty environment and warm too. The less openings in the case the better (temperature in my room could get up 30 degrees Celsius or around 85 Fahrenheit), but I could somewhat control heat, but can't with dust. So, dust is more of an issue (REAL issue). -I will only use INTEL (old mentality), so please don't recommend AMD (unless you're willing to convince a 50yrs who's witnessed the not so good beginning of AMD). -I might sacrifice upgradable things (slightly) for better MOBO and CPUs to stay on budget but get better MOBO and CPU. - I already have two-year-old (Samsung SSDs totaling 512GB), if they will not have an impact on performance, I could reuse them and use the money elsewhere. Unless technology has ready advanced since then in SSDs. - I am building a PC for the next 5 yrs. at least... so keep that in mind (I am writing this on 5yrs old PC).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hi Faisal,

Let's start first with your SSDs. If you don't feel in your current everyday machine that they are slow or otherwise holding you back, reuse them, especially if they are NVMe.

Recommended parts for a new gaming / photo editing PC? 1 |

As for chassis, I'm probably going to push you towards something like the Antec P100, Corsair 270R or Cooler Master S600. Basically, chassis without mesh front panels.

For the build, I highly recommend the AMD Ryzen 5 or 7 3000 series and a B450 motherboard, as it's the best bang for your buck. You can pair this with whatever GPU you want and use what you save on CPU/mobo to get an even better setup. If gaming, I'd stay with something in the last two generations, GTX 1660 at minimum.

For memory, you will want to be around 32GB if you're going to use this as an editing machine - for Ryzen, 3600MHz is perfect.

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