Issues with gaming stability when using my DDR4 RAM's XMP settings

Ati is having trouble with some of his games exiting to desktop when using his DDR4 RAM's XMP settings.

Question by Ati from Romania | Answered by in RAM on Tue, Feb 4 2020 10:22 PM CST

Hi, is there any reason some PC games unexpectedly exit to desktop without any error when I'm using my DDR4 RAM's XMP settings?

The following games are running forever with no overclock, but exits randomly when the RAM is OC-ed to D.O.C.P. settings: GTA 5, all the Battlefield games. I have no issues with Counter Strike, Rocket League, any Far Cry, etc. Also works perfectly with video editing software when it's OC'ed.

Thank you!

Hi Ati,

Thanks for the question! This really just comes down to stability. XMP and DOCP are both just vendor overclocks and aren't tested with every motherboard configuration. This is why motherboard vendors publish a QVL for memory for each board, letting us consumers know what memory configurations they tested.

Issues with gaming stability when using my DDR4 RAM's XMP settings |

What you can do is try increasing memory voltage by a little and see if it helps stability of the system in the games you mentioned. Start by increasing by a little and see if that helps.

Last updated: Nov 3, 2020 at 07:10 pm CST

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