Should I upgrade my Radeon HD 7970 Crossfire GPUs to an R9 380X?

Would my AMD FX-8350 CPU hold back my GPU upgrade?

Question by George from United States | Answered by in Video Cards on Wed, Feb 10 2016 4:18 PM CST

Hi I have the fx8350 @4.5 GHz and 16gig's of RAM and two hd7970's. My question should I upgrade my gpu to the r9 380 x 8 gig of RAM or is there a better option also will my cpu hinder performance

Hey there George,

Right now, I would hold off. Your current GPU setup with the 2 x Radeon HD 7970s in Crossfire is still mighty powerful - while in some games you'll notice an increase in performance in some games. The increase in games would come from the crappy Crossfire support in some games, but with games with great multi-GPU support, the HD 7970s in CF would still be a great rig.

Should I upgrade my Radeon HD 7970 Crossfire GPUs to an R9 380X? |

What I would recommend, is selling your cards and upgrading to the R9 380X (if you really have an upgrade bug) - but then, you could wait for the new Polaris cards coming later in the year. If it were 100% up to me, I would wait for Polaris and then see how your upgrade path goes from there.

As for the CPU, the AMD FX-8350 @ 4.5GHz is more than enough for today. The FX-8350 @ stock is great but at 4.5GHz? You're fine in the CPU department. Any GPU upgrade won't be affected by the CPU upgrade, and if you don't upgrade - your FX-8350 @ 4.5GHz is going to be more than fine.

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