My video card is overheating! What should I do?

My video card is overheating when I play games, where it reached 110C. What should I do?!

Question by William from Philippines | Answered by in Video Cards on Sun, Feb 22 2015 12:39 AM CST

I have a problem! My NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 1GB video card crashes when I play games like DOTA 2. It starts off okay, with around 60-70FPS but after five minutes the fRAMe rate drops all of the sudden to 20-30FPS then the game crashed.

I've taken a look at GPU-Z and noticed that the card is reaching 110C!! What should I do?!

Hey there William,

I don't think there's much you can do, as it sounds like there is a serious problem with the cooling set up on the video card. I would suggest a few things:

My video card is overheating! What should I do? 01 |
  • Check for dust, or a built up of dust on your heat sink and fan.
  • Check to see if the fan is still spinning, especially when it's under load (in a game).
  • Swap out the card with another (if you can) and see if the problem is resolved.

With you already checking GPU-Z and noticing that it's hitting 110C, I would suspect there's not much you can do apart from replace the entire video card, or the cooler. For a card like the GeForce GT 430, it would most likely be cheaper to replace the card itself.

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