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ASUS Unleashes ROG Rampage II Extreme X58 mobo

Posted Oct 21, 2008 @ 21:53 CDT

ASUS Unleashes Highest Performing Enthusiast Motherboard to Date: ROG Rampage II Extreme


Best-of-breed Republic of Gamers (ROG) Motherboard Supports 3-Way SLI® and CrossFireX™ Setups on Latest Intel Platform to Deliver Unprecedented Gaming and Benchmarking Performance


Taipei, Taiwan, October 21, 2008 - ASUS, the world´s leading producer of motherboards, today unveiled the most advanced and highest performing enthusiast motherboard at present: the Republic of Gamers (ROG) Rampage II Extreme. In keeping with ROG´s commitment to producing cutting-edge, boundary-redefining products for the serious gaming and overclocking community, the ROG Rampage II Extreme incorporates the latest innovations and components into its architecture, such as the latest Intel chipset and SLI/CrossFireX on Demand-delivering blistering performance through its support for the new range of Intel processors and multi-GPU technologies such as 3-Way SLI and CrossFireX™. To enable users to push the capabilities of the new platform to the limit, the ROG Rampage II Extreme features ROG Extreme Engine, a true multi-phase power management system-16 phases for the CPU and 3 phases each for QPI/DRAM, the Northbridge and memory-with premium Multilayer type Polymer Capacitors (ML Caps) that keep the power supply stable even under the most demanding loads.


ASUS Unleashes Highest Performing Enthusiast Motherboard to Date: ROG Rampage II Extreme

The ROG Rampage II Extreme also features TweakIt and ProbeIt, tools that enable overclockers to adjust and monitor their frequency and voltage settings directly from the motherboard itself-thus allowing them to coax maximum performance from their systems quickly and conveniently.


Superlative All-around Performance with Latest Intel CPU Support and ROG Extreme Engine


The ROG Rampage II Extreme supports the new Intel CPU chipset, enabling users to reap the performance benefits of Intel´s latest processor microarchitecture including increased speed, superior multitasking, DDR3-1800(OC) memory support and greater energy efficiency. To enable overclockers to push the new generation of CPUs to the limit, the ROG Rampage II Extreme features ROG Extreme Engine, a next-generation dynamic multi-phase power management system equipped with high performance ML Caps that ensure a stable power supply during overvoltage by lowering ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance)-keeping mission-critical components such as the processor, system memory and the Northbridge reliable. With support for the latest Intel chipset and the additional overclocking headroom afforded by ROG Extreme Engine, the ROG Rampage II Extreme is set to take system performance to a new level.


Hands-on Hardware-based Overclocking with TweakIt and ProbeIt


In order to help overclockers build the fastest machines in the fastest time possible, the ROG Rampage II Extreme offers two innovative overclocking solutions: TweakIt and ProbeIt. TweakIt enables overclockers to make real-time changes to their systems´ core frequency, voltage and other parameters using the joystick-like control on the motherboard itself-even while the benchmark utility is running. At no point does software come into play; the tweaking is completely hardware-based. ProbeIt, on the other hand, takes the guesswork out of locating the motherboard´s measurement points, demarcating them clearly so that users will know exactly where they will be able to get quick yet accurate readings using a multitester. There are eight sets of detection points in total.


SLI and CrossFireX Support with SLI/CrossFireX on Demand


Realizing SLI graphics technology on an Intel chipset-based platform has always been an overclocker´s dream. Many have risked 'bricking' their motherboards and voiding their warranties by running cracked SLI drivers on unlicensed platforms. The ROG Rampage II Extreme therefore features SLI/CrossFireX on Demand, providing support for 3-Way SLI. This means that users will be able to install up to three 3-Way SLI-capable graphics cards. Should they so wish, users will still have the flexibility to run a CrossFireX setup instead of an SLI one. Whichever route they choose to pursue, users are guaranteed jaw-dropping graphics performance at a level previously unseen.


Killer Audio with SupremeFX X-Fi


Rounding off the already stellar package is the inclusion of a SupremeFX X-Fi sound card, precluding the need for users to purchase a separate audio device. SupremeFX X-Fi utilizes established X-Fi technologies such as CMSS-3D and EAX to deliver immersive and crystal clear multichannel audio both during gaming and while enjoying other forms of multimedia entertainment.




ASUS Unleashes Highest Performing Enthusiast Motherboard to Date: ROG Rampage II Extreme


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