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Huntkey Introduces the Shield H405 PC Case with Radiation Protection

Posted Nov 1, 2010 @ 9:33 CDT

Huntkey Introduces the Shield H405 PC Case with Radiation Protection


Huntkey Enterprise Group officially announces that "Radiation Protection for the Future", Huntkey SHIELD chassis global launching ceremony is scheduled to be presented in Shenzhen Huntkey Industrial Park on October 28. One of the major releases of the company in 2010, it would be distributed in the retail market as a middle/high-end product of Huntkey.


With the advance of technology and the proliferation of the Internet, the computer is today a must-have device in our daily life. It is nothing strange for an office lady, or business people to watch a movie, or play video games at home after eight hours of working in front of the screen. For them, over half of their time is spent on computers every day. It is hard to image what life would be without a computer. However, a computer generates radiation. The longer we use computer, the more risk of exposure to radiation hazard. While there are numerous reports online about computer radiation hazards, the most common include acne, balding and infertility.




Every day, we see many pregnant women trying to protect their babies from radiation. "Radiation protection for the future-Huntkey is in action. Offering 5-star protection, Huntkey's all new SHIELD chassis protects you from the harm of radiation." A Huntkey spokesman said.


Huntkey SHIELD chassis adopts full-body radiation protection design, with USB3.0 ports and large steel mesh front panel to ensure excellent ventilation, dust and radiation protection. The side panels use TAC2.0 structure to better support Intel I5 CPUs. "As the radiation protection chassis, Huntkey SHIELD chassis has its specific features: First of all, it adds an independent USB rack at the USB output. Also, it has an EMI shrapnel in the rear penal CPI slot. Ventilation airways with diameters smaller than 5.5mm (r/30); metal panels to protect the disk drive in the front side of the chassis. The rack of the chassis is made of premium conductive metal. Good contact between the metals sheets ensures excellent electromagnetic radiation performance for the product." Villa Li, Huntkey Product Manager said."To get a look at the real product, please join us to unveil the mysterious Huntkey Shield on October 28….Be patient."


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