Your middle finger space ship awaits, Freedom Finger has arrived!

Sep 27, 2019 -- Wide Right Games is thrilled to announce that highly satirical music-driven beat and shmup Freedom Finger has officially arrived. Featuring a stacked cast of voice actors including Nathan Drake himself Nolan North and a seriously kicking soundtrack from artists like Aesop Rock and METZ, Freedom Finger is a blast of butt-clenching action across over 30 hand-drawn levels.

Created by Emmy nominated producer Jim Dirschberger (Sanjay and Craig), Freedom Finger is a wacky and foul-mouthed trip through 12 worlds piloting the middle finger space ship in order to protect Democrassy and rescue the inhabitants of the American space station on the moon. Shoot and beat 'em up fans will both find something to enjoy in Freedom Finger as players are able to shoot, punch and even grab oncoming enemies and use them as a weapon.

Featuring perfectly timed rhythm-based chaos every moment in Freedom Finger is musically driven on-coming enemies will increase just as tempos increase in each of the game's kick-ass tracks. With various levels of difficulty, Freedom Finger lets players sit back and enjoy the kooky ride or ramp up the difficulty for some bat$#!% crazy action. For those wanting the experience made for squares, a censored mode is also included complete with voice-overs befitting that of a rated-R movie being played on daytime television.

Each journey through Freedom Finger is different from the last as players will be able to discover new levels and paths based on the choices they make. Freedom Finger is available now on PC by visiting the Steam page or on Nintendo Switch by visiting the eShop here. To keep up on the latest news for Freedom Finger check out the official Twitter.

A list of features include:

  • Rhythm-based gameplay, enemies, bosses, and events are synced to the music
  • Over 30 hand-drawn levels and 12 different worlds
  • A blend of melee and shoot 'em up combat, every enemy is a weapon, grab, toss, punch, and shoot your way through space
  • Highly satirical story-line chocked full of hot button topics
  • Choose your own difficulty, sit back and enjoy the music or crank up the difficulty for butt-clenching action
  • A stellar cast featuring the voices of Nolan North, John DiMaggio, Sam Riegel, and Eric Bauza
  • Jam-packed soundtrack with music from Aesop Rock, Red Fang, Power Trip, Com Truise, The Radio Dept, METZ, and many more

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