LIAN LI and EKWB Launches O11D Distro-Plate G1

The best water cooling solution for the best case in the industry

LIAN LI and EKWB Launches O11D Distro-Plate G1 04

August 30th, 2019, Taipei, Taiwan - LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a world-leading manufacturer of aluminum chassis and PC accessories, is proud to announce the launch of the O11D Distro-Plate G1, a custom water cooling reservoir, routing and pump solution designed in partnership with EKWB, a world-renown custom water cooling company. The unique result from this great collaboration is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive water cooling solution for the famous O11D and O11D XL chassis by LIAN LI.

LIAN LI and EKWB Launches O11D Distro-Plate G1 01

Designed to simplify the custom water cooling build process for beginners PC builders who enter the hard tubing water cooling world, the O11D Distro-Plate G1 offers an all-in-one solution that includes pump, reservoir, simple mounting mechanism, and multiple industry standards G1/4 threaded inlet and outlets. The placement of these inlets and outlets are perfectly aligned to fit inline with the PC components in order to minimize the number of bends the user has to make in order to create the loop. Able to support, 1 CPU, 2 GPU and up to 2 radiators, custom water cooling has never been so accessible.

LIAN LI and EKWB Launches O11D Distro-Plate G1 02

Engineered to be mounted next to the motherboard, the O11D Distro-Plate G1 can fit elegantly within the LIAN LI O11 Dynamic and the recently launched LIAN LI O11D XL ROG certified chassis. The built-in LED strip contains 18 LEDs, connects to the motherboard 5V header and is compatible with MSI's MYSTIC LIGHT SYNC, ASROCK'S MONOCHROM SYNC, ASUS'S AURA SYNC, and GIGABYTE's RGB FUSION software for a coordinated lighting effect.

LIAN LI and EKWB Launches O11D Distro-Plate G1 03

The O11D Distro-Plate G1 is available starting today, August 30, 2019, at an MSRP of $199USD.

Last updated: Aug 31, 2019 at 10:20 pm CDT

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