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Hello, Internet - we're back... finally!

Cameron Wilmot | Sep 26, 2012 3:32 AM CDT

What a few days it has been!

We changed from our older servers over to a new host with a single high-powered dual Xeon server with all the trimmings such as RAID 10 Intel SSDs, 48GB of RAM and more. We thought it would be a fairly simple process to move all of our files and databases over to the new server and get online in a few hours. The new server is running a different server control panel with some other different configurations that we weren't familiar with. It really did a good job of confusing us all, but finally we are back online. Things are not 100% perfect yet, but we're close. Apache redirects... grrrrr!

We are working as fast as we can to bring the site back to 100% working order, it won't be long now. The good news is that we are now on a very powerful server that is going to be able to hold up when we get hit with a lot of traffic, and it will also be a great server for us to grow into as we continue to grow. It's been an expensive and stressful event, but we've learnt a lot.

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E3 Day 2 in brief: Babes, games, and stay the course

Trace Hagan | Jun 7, 2012 1:08 AM CDT

The title enticed you to read this article, didn't it? No? Well, a promise is a promise, so let's do a top three booth babes countdown. Gree's costumed beauty gets third place. Sorry for the slightly bad picture.

Nyko babe gets second place, simply because of the costume she was in. Not bad looking either.

I have to give the gold to Trion's babe as she is the best costumed.

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TweakTown's Ultimate Guide to PC Cases eBook

Cameron Wilmot | Aug 12, 2011 2:11 AM CDT

We are very happy to announce that TweakTown's very first eBook is live and now on sale.

It is titled "TweakTown's Ultimate Guide to PC Cases" and was written by our very own case and cooling expert Chad Sebring. The extensive book goes into detail about all things cases and which is the best to buy and much more.

TweakTown have reviewed literally hundreds of PC cases and their main PC case reviewer, Chad Sebring, reflects and summarizes all of his experiences and knowledge in the field in this comprehensive guide to choosing your next chassis.

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