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Scoutonomy is the world's most advanced military surveillance drone

Jak Connor | Feb 12, 2020 at 11:00 am CST

In a new press release, Exyn Technologies has announced its latest military surveillance drone that is designed to save human lives throughout reconnaissance.

Exyn Technologies has introduced us to their new drone called Scoutonomy. Scoutonomy has the capability of navigating within dynamic, complex, and dangerous environments without the assistance of human pre-loaded maps of areas. The new drone uses aerial robot systems to detect the environment it's flying in, adjust its course in real-time, and detect both objects and humans.

According to Nader Elm, CEO of Exyn Technologies, "Our aerial robots provide unique capabilities that the Government is seeking to develop and deploy. They are completely self-sufficient and a significantly valuable asset in providing superior situational awareness. We're most proud of our robots' ability to identify threats, reduce operational risks and save soldiers' and civilian lives in unknown and volatile situations. Now you can send a drone to perform highly sensitive missions that are far too dangerous for human soldiers, and acquire data that is unprecedented in its level of detail, accuracy and timeliness."

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Pentagon & DoD invest millions in mid-air drone fishing technology

Jak Connor | Feb 4, 2020 at 01:35 am CST

Any drone that is deemed unauthorized can be shot out of the sky by defense officials, but maybe this course of action isn't the best choice.

Pentagon & DoD invest millions in mid-air drone fishing technology |

A new contract has been signed by the Department of Defence and a company called Fortem Technology. Above, we have a video from Fortem Technology which displays a new way of disabling unauthorized drones. This new strategy is led by what the company calls DroneHunter, which is a larger drone that uses a radar to track unauthorized drones, and once it has found them, it captures them with a net.

Capturing drone mid-air has many benefits overblowing them out of the sky. Defense officials will be able to retrieve the drone and examine it for further details and hopefully, be able to figure out who the perpetrator behind the drone is. Defense One says that the Pentagon and the general US military is spending millions of dollars investing in this new technology.

Small drones that have bird-like wings can fly 4x times longer

Jak Connor | Feb 3, 2020 at 01:34 am CST

The problem with smaller drones these days is the fact that they can't stay up in the air for long periods of time. What if that problem can be solved by listening to mother nature?

Researchers and scientists from Brown University and EPFL have released a video that shows off a new design for smaller drones. This new design is called "a bio-inspired separated flow wing" and allows for the drone to have turbulence resilience and enables high endurance flight.

It is estimated that a small 100g drone will be able to stay in flight for around 3 hours with this new design, which is about four times what a normal drone of this same size would be able to achieve. At the moment, the new drone design has only been tested in a wind tunnel, but the team behind the design has patented it and plans on improving upon it. For more information about how this new drone design works, check out the website here.

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Here's an above-house autonomous security drone that's just $9,950

Jak Connor | Jan 8, 2020 at 02:03 am CST

CES 2020 - If you are really into home security, and you have every right to be, then you might want to consider picking up the Sunflower Home Awareness System. It does cost close to $10,000, though.

Here's an above-house autonomous security drone that's just $9,950 01 |

When someone says home security, usually the first thing that pops into your mind is cameras placed around your home, or maybe even Wi-Fi routers that can detect motion. I bet that you wouldn't think of drones. Sunflower did think of drones, though. They thought about it enough to make an entire home awareness system that combines on-ground sensors and a deployable drone.

The Sunflower Home Awareness System uses on-ground sensors called Sunflowers, which resemble garden lights that can detect motion and vibration. The sensors can also tell the difference between people, cars, and pets. Once movement is detected by the Sunflowers, a notification is sent to the owner's phone via an app. After receiving the notification, the owner can then choose to deploy the drone from its home called the "hive".

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Testing begins on urban attack drones equipped with rocket launchers

Jak Connor | Dec 27, 2019 at 01:18 am CST

Urban attack drones equipped with rocket launchers and night vision are currently being tested in none other than China.

Testing begins on urban attack drones equipped with rocket launchers |

According to Mashable, a Chinese company that is a subsidiary of a state-owned aerospace company is currently in the middle of developing a tiny attack drone designed for urban locations. This drone has been titled "Tianyi" and is a quad-copter that is primarily designed for unnamed reconnaissance missions.

The drone also has the capability of doing close-range strikes against people and armored vehicles. Equipped with infrared lasers for nighttime operations, and armed with 50mm rockets that can be fired from 1km away, manufacturers are hoping they can mass produce "Tianyi" and sell it to Western countries.

This transforming football-like drone can be ballistically-launched

Jak Connor | Nov 22, 2019 at 01:06 am CST

Researchers from both Caltech and NASA have developed a new type of drone that can be fired from a moving cannon.

The drone is called the Streamlined Quick Unfolding Investigation Drone, or SQUID for short. SQUID has been developed by Caltech and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and has the ability to fold down into almost a football-like shape. Most impressively is the once SQUID is in its smallest form factor, it can be placed inside of a tube and then launched into the sky.

The multirotor design initiates once the drone is in mid-air, granting its stability and flight. The drone doesn't have to be stationary for it to be shot out of the cannon. The above video demonstrates that SQUID can be shot out of a moving vehicle traveling at 50mph and still transition into stable flight. SQUID is designed for emergency response teams and space exploration missions. An image of SQUID's design has been provided in the entirety of this article.

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Google becomes the 1st company in the U.S to deliver packages by drone

Jak Connor | Oct 21, 2019 at 04:08 am CDT

Alphabet, Google's parent company has a subsidiary company called 'Wing', Wing has now become the first company in the United States to deliver a package by drone. Achievement unlocked!

Google becomes the 1st company in the U.S to deliver packages by drone |

A small town in Virginia is home called Christiansburg is home to Wing's testing grounds as residents can order products as per normal but instead of getting them driven by FedEx, they can get a drone drop off. Families can use the Wing app to order products, and one family who has already used the app bought Tylenol, cough drops, Vitamin C tablets, water and tissues.

The Wing drones are capable of transporting a maximum of three pounds of goods to a consumer that is located within six miles of the drone loading center called the "Nest". You are probably wondering how the dropping off transition happens, so once the drone has arrived at the marked address it hovers above the house and instead of landing it lowers the cargo via a cable to purchaser.

Amazon plan to launch drone delivery services witin 'months'

Jak Connor | Aug 5, 2019 at 03:00 am CDT

If you didn't know, Amazon are planning on implementing a drone delivery service that would allow for Amazon buyers to receive their goods in 30 minutes or less.

Amazon plan to launch drone delivery services witin 'months' |

While that might seem like a far-fetched idea, the reality of it arriving in the US has just taken a few more steps closer to being real. According to an announcement by the Federal Aviation Administration, a massively significant milestone in drone flight has just been reached. Reuters reports that the The University of Alaska has just completed the first FAA-approved "beyond line of sight" drone flight this week.

Why is this milestone so significant? Until now, drones were under a law of "line of sight" which requires drone operators be in vision of their drone at all times. Irish Automation is a company who makes collision avoidance software for drones, this software was used by the University of Alaska in their test and was approved by the FAA. Alexander Harmsen, CEO of Iris Automation spoke out about this achievement, saying "This is the first time detect and avoid technology is approved by an aviation authority as reliable enough to allow for BVLOS [beyond visual line of sight] drone operations".

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Flamethrower drones are real and you can get yours for $1499

Jak Connor | Jul 17, 2019 at 12:30 am CDT

Since drones have become a layman's new toy there has been many creations and attachments made for them, but this truly does take 1st place for awesome - introducing the Wasp Flamethrower Drone.

Above we have a video released onto the Throwflame YouTube Channel and it showcases the brand new flamethrower attachment called the Throwflame TF-19 Wasp. This attachment is designed to fit a commericial-grad heavy lift drone and is equipped with a one-gallon fuel tanker that is capable of launching flame up to 25 feet.

The tanker supplies 100 seconds of flame throwing awesomeness and comes in at the cost of $1499. That isn't the full cost though, since the TF-19 is an attachment you will need a drone to fly it. According to Throwflame, who talked to the The Verge, the drone in the video is a DJI S1000 with an A2 flight controller, 6S 16,000mAh LiPo battery and a TBS Tango R/C remote. All of that prices out to about an additional $2,600.

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Boeing show off a prototype drone lifting 500 pounds

Jak Connor | Jan 11, 2018 at 12:42 pm CST

Boeing has revealed a giant drone that is capable of changing the way that transportation of cargo is done from small destination of point A to B. The giant drone is capable of lifting 500 pounds of weight and will serve a staple example of what future autonomous flying aircrafts can achieve.

Amazingly the massive drone came from a concept drawing on a piece of paper and only took Boeing engineers three months to bring to life, titling the creation"unmanned electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) cargo air vehicle (CAV) prototype." The company has said that the drone has passed all testing done at Boeing research labs in Missouri, and that the drone represents "another major step in our Boeing eVTOL strategy."

Greg Hyslop, Boeing chief technology officer said that the company has an "opportunity to really change air travel and transport, and we'll look back on this day as a major step in that journey."

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