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Someone just bought close to $400 million worth of Bitcoin

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cryptocurrency & Mining | Posted: 1 day ago

We all know that the cryptocurrency market has been turbulent over the last few weeks, but the price of Bitcoin has begun surging again and in the middle of all of this crypto chaos, someone purchased a huge $400 million worth of BTC.




The anonymous trader has a BTC address of 3Cbq7aT1tY8kMxWLbitaG7yT6bPbKChq64, with this person purchasing the large sum of BTC between February 9-12, taking their balance from 55,000 BTC to a huge 96,650. Who was it? Some say it was Wall St buying at the new bottom, which makes sense.


Jeff Koyen, president of 360 Blockchain USA said: "In the meantime, the $400 million whale is fuel for the Telegram channels where traders lay out their conspiracy theories. However, I am willing to believe that, seeing bitcoin bottom around $6,000, Wall Street smelled blood and jumped back in".

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Atari gets into crypto, offers Atari Token and Pong Token

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cryptocurrency & Mining | Posted: 2 days, 7 hours ago

Atari is trying to make itself relevant in a new world filled with cryptocurrencies, so the company has unveiled two new cryptos: Atari Token and Pong Token.




The company has announced it has partnered with blockchain company Infinity Networks, where they will create tokens as part of an investment deal. First up, the Atari Token is for entertainment, with a press release detailing: "The company is developing a decentralized platform giving access to any form of digital entertainment,that is to say a very wide offer ranging from video games to movies and music. This platform, under development, will operate using a cryptocurrency, the Atari Token".


Pong Token is all about gaming, where it's explained as: "The second project in progress is the strengthening of the partnership with Pariplay, Ltd in the launch in 2018 of casino platforms allowing players to bet either in real money or with most crypto-currencies currently outstanding. These casino sites will offer many Atari games. To broaden the appeal of these new casinos, and once the Atari Token available, Atari has the project to launch Pong Token, a second Token dedicated to crypto-casinos and usable on these gaming sites. The details of this launch of crypto-casinos will be announced soon".


Atari is playing it smart, and is getting around regulation - they're calling their cryptocurrency "tokens" and not "coins". Atari is so concerned with regulation, that they added: "This press release is not to be published or distributed in the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Japan or Italy or any other jurisdiction in which the offering or sale of financial securities would be prohibited by law. in force. (sic)".

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Crypto mining is slowing the search for ALIEN LIFE

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cryptocurrency & Mining | Posted: 4 days, 7 hours ago

The hunt for hashrates by cryptocurrency miners is hurting the search for alien life, with miners pissing off SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Life) as they can't find new GPUs to buy.




SETI chief scientist Dan Wethimer told the BBC: "We'd like to use the latest GPUs [graphics processing units]... and we can't get 'em. This is a new problem, it's only happened on orders we've been trying to make in the last couple of months". So it's not just gamers that are mad at the price of second hand and brand new cards, but the lack of stock of new cards is hurting more than just gamers, reaching into the scientific community.


SETI researchers need the GPUs to scan as many communications frequencies simultaneously, with SETI's base in Berkeley using 100 GPUs alone. SETI has other stations in Green Bank, West Virginia and Parkes, Australia are trying to expand, but the GPU shortage isn't helping. Werthimer continued: "We've got the money, we've contacted the vendors, and they say, 'we just don't have them".

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Bitmain's rumored Ethereum ASIC miner could kill GPU mining

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cryptocurrency & Mining | Posted: 4 days, 13 hours ago

Right now we're in one of the worst positions ever for consumer graphics cards, with prices sky high and stocks at rock bottom, most GPUs are being eaten up by crypto miners. What can help, other than a purported next-gen GeForce GTX 20 series and possibly mining-specific SKUs of GTX 20 series cards? Ethereum ASIC miners, that's what.




The latest news coming in from China is that mining giant Bitmain is working on an Ethereum ASIC miner, the purported Antminer F3. Bitmain's rumored F3 Ethereum miner would pack 3 motherboards with 6 ASICs per motherboard, as well as 32 x 1GB DDR3 memory chips that would make for a very power efficient, but incredibly powerful Ethereum ASIC miner. This would put GPU mining for Ethereum out of business, almost overnight.


Bitmain is reportedly meeting with a few manufacturers in Taiwan, so you can be sure that they're talking to TSMC and others in order to see how many chips they can get their hands-on.

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Salon offers users crypto mining instead of online ads

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cryptocurrency & Mining | Posted: 5 days, 9 hours ago

Salon is one of the first digital media publications in the world to move to mining cryptocurrency from users' PCs, a massive shift from the norm of traditional online ads.




The site wants to provide free content to its users, but like TweakTown and most other websites that rely on advertisements to be run on their site, the company is struggling with a constantly shifting advertising landscape. Salon said that digital ad revenue has dropped $40 billion between 1999 and 2010, with Salon adopting new ways of making money from users without slapping ads all over the place.


Salon will be asking users that are using ad blockers if they wouldn't mind disabling their ad blocker so Salon can make money from the on-screen ads, or they can 'suppress ads' by allowing your ad blocker, but mining cryptocurrency on unused computing power.


Salon says that it will be making money by selling "a small percentage of [users'] spare processing power to contribute to the advancement of technological discovery, evolution and innovation". We should expect that Salon will be using CoinHive to make money, where users' PCs will be mining Monero for Salon.

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Australian government also hit with crypto mining malware

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cryptocurrency & Mining | Posted: 1 week ago

It was only a few hours ago when I reported that the UK government has been hit with cryptocurrency mining malware, but now a bunch of Australian government websites have been compromised.




Down Under, the cryptojacking affected the "the Victorian parliament, the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Queensland ombudsman, the Queensland Community Legal Centre homepage, and the Queensland legislation website, which lists all of the state's acts and bills", reports The Guardian.


Hackers used the same browser plug-in that the UK government was exposed with, Browsealoud, with the developers of the extension, Texthelp, confirming hackers infused crypto mining software Coinhive into their extension.

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UK government affected by crypto mining malware

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cryptocurrency & Mining | Posted: 1 week ago

The cryptocurrency mining malware problem is extending into parts of the world that no one expected, with the UK government now directly affected with "thousands of websites" including sites belonging to NHS (National Health Services).




Over the weekend, the website of the Information Commissioner's office that is the UK's data protection watchdog, was taken offline in order to deal with crypto mining malware. The malware was inserted through websites codes to BrowseAloud, which is a plugin that helps the blind and partially-sighted people to use the internet.


CoinHive is back again as the culprit, where the malware is inserted through the compromised BrowseAloud plugin and then mines Monero on users' PCs. Scott Helme, an IT security consultant said he received a message from a friend who said their anti-virus had detected an issue after they had visited a UK government site.


Helme told Sky News "This type of attack isn't new - but this is the biggest I've seen. A single company being hacked has meant thousands of sites impacted across the UK, Ireland and the United States. Someone just messaged me to say their local government website in Australia is using the software as well".


Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the National Cyber Security Centre, which has confirmed they're working on the issue of the crypto mining malware, said: "NCSC technical experts are examining data involving incidents of malware being used to illegally mine cryptocurrency. The affected services has been taken offline, largely mitigating the issue. Government websites will continue to operate securely. At this stage there is nothing to suggest that members of the public are at risk".

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Italian crypto exchange BitGrail has lost $170 million

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cryptocurrency & Mining | Posted: 1 week, 1 day ago

Forget traditional bank robberies, that's like the wild west... especially now that we have cryptocurrency exchanges that can be hacked and a huge $170 million can be stolen at today's lowered values.




This is what has happened to Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail, with the company announcing on its website that it has lost $170 million to fraudulent transactions, and that they've approached authorities over the matter. BitGrail has since suspended all withdrawals and deposits "in order to conduct further verifications".


BitGrail has said that it won't be refunding 100% of what users' lost, with BitGrail founder Francesco "The Bomber" Firano saying that there's no 100% way to refund users. Firano took to Twitter, where he tweeted: "Unfortunately there is no way to give it back to you at 100% (we only got 4 MLN XRN right now)".

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Russian scientists busted mining crypto in NUCLEAR facility

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cryptocurrency & Mining | Posted: 1 week, 2 days ago

The entire 'can it mine' joke has surpassed the 'can it run Crysis' thing from what feels like 50 years ago now, but then the news broke that scientists working at a Russian nuclear weapons research facility have been arrested, because they were mining cryptocurrency at the site.




Interfax and the BBC are both reporting that scientists that haven't been named have been arrested, and handed to the Federal Security Service (FSB) after it was discovered they were mining crypto. There has been a representative from the Scientific Research Institute for Experimental Physics who has said: "There has been an unsanctioned attempt to use computer facilities for private purposes including so-called mining".


Some of these scientists were using the supercomputer at the nuclear facility to mine cryptocurrency, with the security department at the site receiving an alert that the scientists had connected the machine to the internet, which nuclear-related machines are usually not connected to the internet. But you need to be in order to mine, which is how these people were busted.


Interfax has said that there will most likely be criminal charges laid.

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Ledger owner? Your cryptocurrency can be easily STOLEN

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cryptocurrency & Mining | Posted: 1 week, 5 days ago

There might be $500 billion wiped away from the total cryptocurrency market cap, but now news is breaking that Ledger hardware wallets aren't very safe at all.




Ledger has posted on their Twitter account reminding users that they should "always verify [their] receiv[ing] address" by checking the "monitor screen" at the bottom of the transaction request form.


DocDroid posted a vulnerability report a few days ago, stating that Ledger hardware wallets have a major flat that lets attackers infect your crypto wallet with malware, and then trick users to send crypto to the hackers. The report stated: "Ledger wallets generate the displayed receive address using JavaScript code running on the host machine. This means that a malware can simply replace the code responsible for generating the receive address with its own address, causing all future deposits to be sent to the attacker".

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