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CPU, APU & Chipsets News - Page 137

SiS645 Chipset Review

By TweakTown Staff | Oct 8, 2001 10:29 pm CDT

we've been hearing about it, and now we can see if it manages to live up to the hype. Overclocked Cafe has gotten their hands on a motherboard using the SiS645 Chipset and want to share the knowledge with us. here's a snip:

"There has been a lot of press surrounding VIA's P4 DDR chipset and the surrounding lawsuits. While all of this has been going on, other companies have been working on their own DDR solutions for the P4. One such company is SiS. We recently had the pleasure of meeting with SiS, and were provided with a reference board based around their new SiS645 Open Architecture DDR333 chipset and it's accompanying SiS961 MuTIOLĀ® Media I/O controller."

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VIA KT266A Chipset Review

By TweakTown Staff | Oct 5, 2001 09:03 pm CDT

When the word fisrt got around that VIA had upped the ante on their KT266 chipset, there was a lot of talk. Now the folks at The DDR Zone want to let you know some hard numbers. So head on over and check out their review of the VIA KT266A Chipset. here's a snip:

"The release of the KT266a repositions VIA as the performance leader when it comes to socket A motherboard chipsets. A new North Bridge chipset doesn't sound like much of a change from the KT266, but if performance is what you want, it's enough of a change to make the difference you're looking for."

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VIA Apollo KT266A Chipset Reviews

By TweakTown Staff | Sep 2, 2001 10:47 pm CDT

Today's big story is the new KT266A chipset that is being brought out by VIA. There are a number of sites reviewing it, and since they all came out at about the same time, I'm guessing an NDA. So here's the scoop on this new DDR chipset:
"What makes this even more exciting, is that the KT266A chipset is a drop in replacement for the KT266 north bridge. This translates into an easy and quick turn around time between when the chipset hits the manufacturers doorstep to when its yours. Manufacturers do not have to redesign boards for this revision: simply replace the production KT266 with KT266A, update the bios, and *voila!* instant performance boost!"

"Originally, when VIA announced it would create a new chipset to follow up KT266, most of us just assumed it would fix issues with the current version of KT266. The chipset had a few issues which needed to be worked out, and on top of that, the performance wasn't outstanding. I don't need to tell you that VIA took notice of SiS's 735 chipset right out of the gate."

Legion Hardware:
"The battle for the superior socket A chipset could quite possibly be won this month by VIA as they unleash the much anticipated KT266A. We all knew it was coming but what we didn't know was its codename. Expressions such as 'Enhanced' and 'Advanced' were thrown around creating a lot of hype for VIA's new revision. 'Enhanced', 'Advanced' or what ever else the new KT266 revision was rumored to be called was just a result of people taking a stab in the dark. Strangely enough not too many people saw the possibility of the new revision simply being called the KT266 "A". Since the new revision of the KT133 was called the KT133A it was almost a certainty that the KT266 would follow with simply an "A"."

X-Bit Laboratories:
"An officially launched today new revision of the DDR chipset for Athlon CPUs from VIA, KT266A, beats all the competitors. We illustrate it in our tests comparing VIA KT266A with the other DDR Socket A chipsets: AMD 760, SiS 735, ALi MAGiK 1 and VIA KT266."

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Intel i845 Pentium4 chipset Motherboards Review

By TweakTown Staff | Aug 29, 2001 10:07 pm CDT

here's another two-fer special for you, but from what Dan's Data had to say, I think you might want to think twice before jumping on this bandwagon. See what they had to say about this chipset in their review of the Abit BW7 and Asus P4B Pentium 4 Motherboards. here's a snip:

"I've had a look at Abit's BW7 and Asus' P4B. they're new and feature-packed, one of them works with the new Socket 478 CPUs, they make P4 computers cheaper than ever before, and nobody sensible should buy one. Because they're i845 SDR memory boards.

Rather harsh, but I always like reviewers to be honest. =)

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Evergreen Spectra 400 CPU Upgrade Review

By TweakTown Staff | Aug 27, 2001 10:52 pm CDT

For those who have an old clucker sitting around that is nearly forgotten, why not try a simple upgrade to get you into the latter 20th century? takes a look at the Evergreen Spectra 400 CPU Upgrade, and basically it takes your old Pentium based system and makes it a AMD K6-2 400. Go see if it's worth the trouble. here's a snip:

"So, you wanna upgrade that old Pentium-based computer? The Spectra 400, by Evergreen Technologies, allows you to upgrade a Socket 5 or Socket 7-based computer to an AMD K6-2 400MHz processor. But using something like the Spectra 400 to upgrade just the CPU has its own downsides, too."

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AMD CPU Unlocking Kit

By TweakTown Staff | Aug 4, 2001 09:58 pm CDT has found an easier solution to unlocking those Level 1 bridges on your Thunderbird/Duron processors. Check out their review of the AMD CPU Unlocking Kit. here's a snip:

"A lot of you have probably unlocked Athlon's and Duron's the same way I have, using a mechanical pencil to join the L1 bridges. Many people doubted the author who first wrote the article about unlocking these chips with a pencil, but to many peoples surprise it turned out that it worked. While it did work many people found that over time it stopped working and the lines had to be redrawn."

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