Worried about your online privacy? DuckDuckGo's browser has arrived on Windows 11

Tighter privacy than Chrome, with all kinds of protection against tracking, and a dedicated YouTube video player that does things very differently.

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DuckDuckGo's browser, which is designed to offer tight levels of privacy when scooting about the web, is now out for Windows.

The DuckDuckGo browser is now available for Windows as well as Mac, Android, and iOS (Image Credit: DuckDuckGo)

The DuckDuckGo browser is now available for Windows as well as Mac, Android, and iOS (Image Credit: DuckDuckGo)

The browser has previously been on the Mac platform (and for some time - the best part of a year), so its arrival on Windows will see it reach a much larger audience.

This is the public beta release of the Windows flavor of DuckDuckGo's browser, and it's available to Windows 10 or Windows 11 users (the requirement is to be running at least Windows 10 May 2020 Update, although that version is now out of support, we should point out).

The idea is to produce a streamlined and lightweight offering with no 'creepy tracking' of the user, and unsurprisingly, it includes tracker blocking plus Cookie Pop-up Management. The latter is a feature that automatically chooses the most private options on a website, pushing those annoying cookie consent pop-ups to one side.

Among other functionality, the DuckDuckGo browser offers up a 'Fire Button' which is so-called because it burns all your recent browsing data with a single click.

Furthermore, Duck Player is on hand to view YouTube clips without targeted ads trampling on your privacy, and it ensures that the content you watch isn't hoovered up to provide video recommendations. Oh, and there's built-in password management here, too.

As a beta version, you can expect some level of wonkiness from the Windows incarnation of the privacy-focused browser. Some important pieces of the puzzle are missing, functionality-wise, too, such as support for extensions. The devs are promising that these elements will be worked on soon enough.

DuckDuckGo's browser is also available on mobile platforms (Android, iOS) as well as desktop, with all the main bases covered now.

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